3 thoughts on “Importance of Honesty

  1. Abdulla Abbas says:

    Thanks form sharing your wisdom Mustafa. I would also like to add one very important aspect, which also usually makes people insecure which ends up making them dishonest, it is the bad habbit of Misjudgment, judgmental people who have a habbit of personally doubting things about people based on some bad experience they had in the past, or sometimes based on their personal ideology or false notion, this as i mentioned earlier builds distrust and insecurity, and it eventually makes people afraid to speak the truth, and thus it roots in us all kinds of negetive thoughts.

    In conclusion, adding to what you've written, i think to be truly honest with people and with ourselves, especially during these difficult times we are living in, one should try his/her best to think positively about himself first and then with other people. And the only way we can do that is by first being dependent on the Almighty, our creator (Allah), becuase if we continously depend on Allah without fear, we can one day reach the pinacle of honesty, a quality which is considered legend, and which was possesed by our prophets and then inherited by our islamic herous through the history of islam. Truly In order to understand true honesty, we must read their stories to understand how dependent on Allah they used to be in everything they did.

    Thanks once again mustafa for sharing your wisdom

  2. Mustafa Abbas says:

    Thank you Abdulla. God bless you. And apologies for late reply =)

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