2 thoughts on “The Misconceptions About Introverts

  1. Quiet is a fascinating guide about the prejudice that our society faces against introverts, and why it's unfounded, and how, as an introvert, you can overcome that, as well as just KNOW yourself better. I never really classified myself as such before, but reading this, I understand why, if I'm exhausted, all I want to be is alone, and how I'm extroverted only when I can control my environment and how that's a THING! If you're shy or are unsure, this is a great read. I think you'll discover something about yourself, that's why I've recommended to a lot of people lately!

  2. Bahar Al Awadhi Bahar Al Awadhi says:

    Thank you for your comment, Zohaib. I am glad the article has helped you to understand yourself better, and I appreciate your recommendations :)

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