2 thoughts on “The Relationship (Or Lack off) Between Religion And Terrorism

  1. soukiepookie says:

    You are absolutely right Nasser. Having been a hijabi college student in America, I quickly realized the important role that I could play in dispelling many of the negative stereotypes that you are talking about. For many students, I was the first Muslim they had ever met. Unfortunately, before meeting me, the only exposure they had to Muslims was the news. I'm not going to lie, sometimes being the "ambassador of Islam" felt like a burden, but over time I realized that it was an important responsibility, a great amanah that I shouldn't take lightly. So I didn't. Everything we do in life matters. As long as your intentions are pure, every thing you do, no matter how big or small, counts. Great job!

  2. Dunas y Palmeras says:

    I totally agree with you, Nasser. As you mention at the end of your text, people's opinion is mostly based on what US mainstream media wants them to believe. It's important that people like you, demystify all this wrong information. Congratulations, great reflexion on the topic!

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