4 thoughts on “The Wondrous World of Bilingual Brains

  1. papers gear says:

    Human brain is for sure the most incredible thing to talk about and I am pretty sure no human has ever been able to understand it. But still it is always an interesting topic to talk about.

  2. 999drugs.com says:

    I agree that speaking two or more languages opens greater oppurtunities in life and if you have such a chance to learn one more language, you should never skip it. I also agree that depending on the language you are speaking you may express your opinions differently. If it is not your native language and you are not confident in your expressions, you will be less talkative that would not allow you to express your views fully.

  3. miaadmafazy says:

    Very informative. What I found surprising, is that as an arabic speaker, you were more prone to enjoy doing businesses in english other than arabic. As a bilingual from childhood, I totally understand that illustration. To me, I was used to converse in english in both professional and just conversational, but my mother tongue was not a language, I had mastered professionally. Thus, I find myself either stuttering or using the aaaa…. phrase a lot.
    thanks again!

  4. Gaby says:

    I’m a Spanish teacher and couldn’t agree more with you :). Lovely writing. Congrats!

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