18 thoughts on “The First Child, The First Experiment

  1. MamaSumz says:

    Was thinking about the same topic the other day! I'm the middle child :_( it feels awful at times that I think i'm the forgotten one in the family I used to rebel a lot, tried to escape once or twice in the most hilarious ways ever! but I have fun memories I hold on to! at least i'm known as the rebel so there it is, i'm not totally lost or sandwiched :-D

  2. Reem Abdalla says:

    It is funny how our personality depends on our birth order. I'm glad you didn't feel "sandwiched" in the middle. Thank you for sharing how you felt according to your birth order.

  3. Shariq says:

    Am a First Child too. But my case is little different, I always got what I wanted. thanks to my mom.

  4. Reem Abdalla says:

    Hi Shariq, I cant complain about getting what I want. My parents were generous but some matters needed more convincing than others.

  5. Mohammed Kazim Mohammed Kazim says:

    nice overview ,,, to think of it, al ot of what you mentioned can be observed in our daily lives. Thanks for sharing

  6. Reem Abdalla says:

    Glad you enjoyed it.

  7. Khalid Al Ameri Khalid Al Ameri says:

    Awesome peice … the story of my life … Oldest child of the oldest child (my father) … thanks for sharing :)

  8. Reem Abdalla says:

    Its the same in my case. Im the eldest of the eldest too. Big bag for fun :)

  9. iamshaima iamshaima says:

    haha, story of my life too! everytime my parents ask me to do something for my sisters, i protest! If I was forced to learn how to do certain things, so should they! That said, the benefits to them are much more as i had to fight for what i wanted.

  10. Reem Abdalla says:

    I say show your sisters how to carry the same responsibility that you have carried. I guess we learn from our siblings as much as they learn from us. As we the "eldest" are their role models and set the example.

  11. GViswam says:

    Great one again Reem…being the eldest, i totally agree.


  12. Reem Abdalla says:

    Thank you GV. Appreciate it.

  13. AlAbeer says:

    LoooooooL as am reading my Life Story :p

    Thank you Reem for a wonderful story

  14. Reem Abdalla says:

    Thank you Abeer. Glad you enjoyed it. Stay tuned as more to come :)

  15. MaithaAlK says:

    Interesting article! As the youngest child, I always thought that they are the only ones who have birth order issues. Like being labeled as spoiled for instance. However, I'm so glad I came in last cause I get to learn from all the mistakes that my siblings did and avoid them for sure!

  16. Talla says:

    I guess I’m the middle… & yeah I agree with that :P

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