HistoryApril 19, 2017

Social Media – The New Colosseum

Today we circulate graphic images and inhumane videos in hopes of awakening a part of the human mind that has yet to be desensitized. Between 70-80 A.D., ancient Rome has built an open-air venue famously known as the Colosseum for entertainment. You can hardly imagine the Colosseum without the association of brutal, vicious, and masculine

PsychologyJanuary 8, 2017

But An Elephant Never forgets

Looking into the human inability to forget painful memories and suggesting two coping methods from the author’s personal

PsychologyOctober 13, 2016

How Much Do You Know About Yourself?

Personality tests have become very popular and are taken by millions of people around the world but what

EntertainmentJuly 19, 2016

What’s My Name? #MuhammadAli

The legend Muhammed Ali and how vital his name change was for him and for others after him. Embed from Getty Images “I am the greatest” he roared to the skeptic reporters ahead of his 1964 world title match with Sonny Liston. No one believed his claim, as he was the heavy underdog in this

HealthMay 23, 2016

Life. Rebooted.

The writer discusses starting over and picking up the pieces after a challenging time or a major change such as being made redundant, losing a loved one or going through health issues. What happens to an individual at this time and what are the physical, mental and emotional changes that might occur. Oprah Winfrey once

CommunityMay 22, 2016

But First, Let’s Tackle Mental Health

What is mental health wellbeing, and is it for certain ages and not for others? and how can

HealthMay 11, 2016

Be Honest, Don’t Be An April Fool

As we have just passed April Fools’ Day, people had been trying to come up with the most

HealthApril 14, 2016

Mental Health Stigma in the UAE

Are mental health issues prevalent in the UAE? How are they combatted? Omar Al Owais discovers. Fatima has excelled academically all her life. She graduated from high school and undergraduate school with honors, got married at 21, and is currently pursuing postgraduate studies while balancing raising her daughter with her husband, and attending to the

LanguageFebruary 16, 2016

Multilinguilism: A Means to A More Fruitful Life

The author explores how learning a new language can help us change our mindsets and live more in

LanguageJanuary 7, 2016

Your Language Shapes The World Around You

The way you see the world around you is shaped by your language. Language is not just a tool of communication, a way to describe the world around us, or an instrument to help us convey our feelings. Studies show that language can actually change the way we see our world and that it can