Self Reflection

Self ReflectionFebruary 19, 2017

What Is Failure?

We try so hard to make something out of our lives, and for many, the fear of failure

Self ReflectionJanuary 19, 2017

5 Benefits of Spending Time in Nature

With the urbanization and the fast-paced lifestyles that we live today, we often forget to spend time in

PsychologyJanuary 8, 2017

But An Elephant Never forgets

Looking into the human inability to forget painful memories and suggesting two coping methods from the author’s personal

InspirationalDecember 31, 2016

New Year’s Resolution Or Theme Based Year, How Can You Plan Your Coming Year?

New Year’s resolution and theme based year are two different ways that individuals seek to plan out their goals for the coming year. What exactly do they mean and how can you choose what works for you? New Year’s resolution and theme based year are two ways that individuals use to plan out their goals

HealthNovember 10, 2016

How My Panic Attacks Started, And 5 Tips To Manage Them

Having a panic attack is a scary experience, and it is the result of the accumulation of anxiety

FashionNovember 7, 2016

“The True Cost” of Fast Fashion

Have you ever wondered how we can get good quality clothes at such a low price? Have you

PsychologyOctober 13, 2016

How Much Do You Know About Yourself?

Personality tests have become very popular and are taken by millions of people around the world but what

Self ReflectionOctober 6, 2016

Dwindling Friendships With Age

Reflecting on her personal experience, the columnist shares her opinion on why friendships dwindle with age, and how

EmployeeOctober 3, 2016

When “Follow Your Dreams” Doesn’t Quite Work For You

Are some of the so called motivational mantras out there actually setting people up for disappointment? The author looks at how these messages may not be for everyone. There is a ton of material out there telling us to follow our dreams, to take risks and to make it happen, so that life is worth

InspirationalSeptember 1, 2016

Being Second Best

As the world celebrates those who attain first place, society has a knack of making second place winners