CultureNovember 27, 2016

How Disney Projects Orientalism Through Their Movies

What are the aspects of Orientalism that are found in Disney’s movies like Aladdin (1992) and Mulan (1998),

CultureOctober 27, 2016

Why Do People Choose Shopping Malls To Spend Their Free Time In The UAE?

Ever realized the reasons behind why people go to shopping malls in the UAE? And how many academic

EntertainmentSeptember 20, 2016

The Story Behind Guinness Book of Records

What’s the origins of the Guinness Book of Records and what drives people to break records. I have always had a fascination with this reference book since I was a child. It appeased my desire for knowledge and fulfilled my curiosity of wanting to know who the best in every conceivable field was. It had

Film & TVJuly 28, 2016

A City in a Filmmaker’s Lens

How has filmmaking influenced the tourism industry in the past two centuries, and how people perceive certain cities over the others. Throughout history, the film industry did not have great influence on the tourism industry. By the 20th century, which was the prosperous era for filmmaking; tourism marketers started to collaborate with filmmakers to utilize

EntertainmentJuly 19, 2016

What’s My Name? #MuhammadAli

The legend Muhammed Ali and how vital his name change was for him and for others after him. Embed from Getty Images “I am the greatest” he roared to the skeptic reporters ahead of his 1964 world title match with Sonny Liston. No one believed his claim, as he was the heavy underdog in this

EntertainmentJuly 6, 2016

The Comeback of Emirati Theatre This Eid

With the non-profit Emirati theatre scene struggling to make a comeback, due to all the financial setbacks, the

Film & TVApril 24, 2016

Game of Tongues (#GameOfThrones)

The author sheds light on invented languages used in Film and TV. After watching the first few episodes of the popular HBO show Game of Thrones (GOT), I would sense how intricate the Dothraki language is, as several scenes are spoken entirely in Dothraki with English subtitles. From hearing the characters speaking it, you can tell

Film & TVApril 7, 2016

The Evolution of Movie Franchises

It’s tempting to think of movie franchises as relatively new, but in one form or another they’ve been

Film & TVJanuary 15, 2016

A Tribute to Alan Rickman

The author pays a tribute to legendary British actor Alan Rickman who passed away due to cancer. Embed

Film & TVNovember 9, 2015

Breaking the 4th Wall On Screen & Theatre

An exploration of a unique meta-technique used in theatres, movies and even books. A heated argument between a