ArtJanuary 1, 2015

Without A Photographic Archive, Does That Make Us Non-Existent?

Article in brief: The author reflects on the changing perspective on the need for archiving our lives through photography.

InspirationalJune 1, 2013

Can We Predict The Future?

Oxford dictionary defines ‘destiny’ as: “the events that will necessarily happen to a particular person or thing in

PhilosophyMarch 1, 2013

Mind Programming: The Ultimate Source of Power (Part One)

A sad and true story happened a long time ago. A man was locked in a refrigerator car

PhilosophyMarch 1, 2013

An Uncertain State of Mind Breeds Contempt

A common occurrence that we happen to see more and more of, especially in the digital age, is

InspirationalJanuary 1, 2013

Happiness is a State of Mind

Living in the UAE and especially the metropolitan areas such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi, words like fashion,

InspirationalDecember 1, 2012

Enjoy Being Hated on the Road to Success

“For every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction.” This formula does not apply to physics

InspirationalOctober 1, 2012

Contemplating the Ups and Downs of Life

Illustration by Fatma AlHashemi (@F_Fotography) Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, ‘To be great is to be misunderstood’.  If

InspirationalJune 1, 2012

Who Are You? 3 Steps to Identify Yourself

This is a philosophical question and the answer to it is the hardest of all. In fact, it

PhilosophyMay 1, 2012

Between Optimism & Pessimism

Too many times I’ve heard of the ‘set your expectations low, so your pleasures are magnified’ argument. This is my response, comparing pessimism and optimism in the larger sense.

InspirationalApril 1, 2012

8 Life Lessons That I Would Pass on To My Future Children

If all of what you could say to your children could be summed up in a letter, that letter would be endless. I take a current view at what I could say to my own, taking from life what I’ve learned, and passing that on in the form of words.