FeatureDecember 7, 2016

5 Reasons Why I Would Enroll My Daughter in Sharjah Girl Guides (@ShjGirlGuides)

What benefits can you expect for your daughters once you enroll them in Sharjah Girl Guides? And does it matter for the girls as they grow up and for their communities. I was invited the last month to the annual ceremony of Sharjah Girls Guide (SGG), in which Her Highness Sheikha Jawaher Bint Mohammed Al

FeatureAugust 2, 2016

Our Article Competition Winner: Tap-Water Tears

How reading and crying on a bus made me appreciate the strength of emotions truly felt. Reading on a bus is an activity enjoyed by many people. It is like living in two worlds at the same time- looking down and enjoying the story and its characters, and then looking up to see the cars

FeatureJune 21, 2016

Five More Years

The author discusses her personal struggles with eating disorders and her goal to raise awareness. When I was

FeatureJanuary 26, 2016

In Memory of Mohammad Ali Zainal, The “King of Pearl”

The author talks about a Saudi businessman and philanthropist named Mohammad Ali Zainal who made great contributions to the field of education in the Arabian Peninsula. In the past few decades, the Arabian Peninsula has gone through countless changes and developments in the field of education. Today, it hosts several world-class universities and schools that

FeatureMay 1, 2015

Middle East Film and Comic Con – @MEFCC 2015

Article in brief: the author gives us his review of exploring MEFCC for this year. Last month, I attended

ArtApril 1, 2015

Design Interactions in @DesignDaysDubai

Article in brief: Being a part of Design Days Dubai 2015 as an exhibitor, as opposed to being part of the organizing team or being an intern, gave a fresh perspective on how the design pieces inform an interaction between the object and the viewer without any preconceived notions. Design Days Dubai unfolded its contents yet

ArtApril 1, 2015

Success Stories From @DesignDaysDubai

Article in brief: The author searched deep into Design Days Dubai to find three inspiring participants of the exhibition with inspiring stories to share. Dubai Art Season is one of the most exciting seasons for not only artists and designers but also people with an eye that loves to see beauty. Design Days Dubai was

FeatureApril 1, 2015

E7- Banat Al Emarat (@e7summit)

Article in brief: the article features the e7 summit organized by POAG, the purpose behind it, and the

FeatureDecember 1, 2014

A Lesson in Women’s Empowerment at the Women’s Museum (@WomensMuseumUAE)

Article in brief: A visit to Women’s Museum in Dubai can change many perceptions you may have had on women’s role in the society historically and currently. I recently visited the Women’s Museum in Dubai and was honored to have a dedicated tour by Professor Rafia Ghubash, the founder of the museum and head curator,

FeatureNovember 1, 2014

Mubadala’s Youth Forum

Article in brief: A review on this year’s Mubadala’s Annual Youth Forum. Another year has arrived and the