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Sponsored ContentNovember 1, 2015

The Captains Of Culture, @CareemUAE

Exploring the corporate culture behind the UAE-based technology transportation start-up Careem, and the impact it had on the company’s productivity. “Speak to whomever you want and ask any questions. We want you to know what’s going well in our organization and what we can improve upon. This is a chance for us to learn.” That’s the first

Sponsored ContentOctober 8, 2015

The Day an Emirati Became a Taxi Driver

Are Emiratis allowed to be taxi drivers? and how do the passengers feel when an Emirati in his national dress is the person driving their taxi? Watch the video as our Khalid Al Ameri takes this journey and joins for a day the chaffeur driven car booking service: Careem​. Khalid starts the day in Careem

Sponsored ContentSeptember 29, 2015

A Day as a @CareemUAE Driver

Article in brief: the author takes us through his personal journey of becoming a taxi driver for a day with Careem, how the community perceived it, and what he got out of it. Managing Culture  I remember when I first tweeted that I was becoming a taxi driver, a family member called me literally 10

Sponsored ContentSeptember 12, 2015

Ride with @CareemUAE and @KhalidAlAmeri (#RideWithKhalid)

Article in brief: everything you need to know about #RideWithKhalid day. As some of you may have noticed

Sponsored ContentOctober 1, 2014

The Life Changing Praying Mat: @Timez5

Sponsored Content Article in brief: The author takes us on an old woman’s journey who had joint and back problems and through her first five days of using the Timez5 prayer mat, and how it changed the way she prayed thereafter. The previous two articles related to the Timez5 mat, “Timez5: The Medical Praying Mat” and “Timez5: The

Sponsored ContentSeptember 1, 2014

The Scientific Background of The Praying Mat: @Timez5

Sponsored Content Article in brief: The Timez5 Praying mat positively affects the user by reducing pain, increasing energy and changing posture. This is due to the unique and scientific design of the mat. The previous article featuring Timez5 discussed the health issues related to our current lifestyle, and how the way we live has affected the

Sponsored ContentAugust 1, 2014

The Medical Praying Mat: @Timez5

Sponsored Content Article in brief: Knee and back pain are very common problems in the Arab region due to the people’s lifestyle; gradually the increase of this pain makes it difficult to pray. The solution is a physiological prayer mate developed by Timez5. A Person’s lifestyle determines many of the health issues that they might face.