EntertainmentMarch 7, 2019

Why Luke Perry’s Death Has Significant Impact on Us 90s Kids

  Luke Perry’s death has sparked reactions of shock and sadness, many of which stem from the fans’ emotional attachment to the hit show, Beverly Hills 90210, that he was most famously known for. Embed from Getty Images These days, with advancing technology and the rise of the Internet, we are fortunate to have access

Film & TVJanuary 23, 2019

Why Do Children Need On-Screen Diversity- Emirati Representation Efforts

  Seeing one’s self on screen is critical for children, Emirati children need enough representation for them to

BooksSeptember 5, 2018

3 Lessons from Sherlock Holmes About Living

  What are some important life lessons that the world’s most famous sociopath of a detective has to

EntertainmentSeptember 3, 2018

Tariq Al Kazim Taking Thrillers and Suspense Films in the UAE to A Greater Height

  An exciting thriller titled “Until Midnight” produced by the Emirati filmmaker Tariq Al Kazim was screened mid

BooksJune 26, 2018

From Anti-Reader to Avid Reader

From avoiding books to loving them, reading has helped me focus and express myself in another medium that isn’t drawing. It all started three years ago when I was exploring the Sharjah International Book Fair. A book with an interesting title caught my attention, I picked it to skim through its pages and it was

BooksMay 7, 2018

What Harry Potter Had to Tell Us About Mental Health

  To the naked eye, the Harry Potter books and movies series were about magic, but to those who look more closely, they can learn so much about mental health from it as well. (P.S. Spoilers!) The Harry Potter series for a lot of fantasy books fans, or even fiction books fans, might be one of

MusicMarch 28, 2018

Remember that Song?

  A look at how music has evolved and the memories we build with our favorite tracks.   For those of you who are in your thirties and above, do you ever listen to the radio and wonder what has happened to music these days? I am sure many of you would agree that music

EntertainmentMarch 19, 2018

An Intersectional Analysis into Sexual Harassment

  Analyzing sexual harassment from an intersectional level with a focus on the current situation in Hollywood, paying special focus to the factor of believability of victims of harassment. In late 2017, hundreds of women in Hollywood came forward about cases of sexual harassment against Hollywood movie producer Harvey Weinstein. Their courage inspired many women

CultureMarch 12, 2018

Cultural Appropriation to Cultural Appreciation

  Being aware of cultural appropriation and changing it to cultural appreciation should be given its importance in

BooksDecember 24, 2017

5 Tips for Every Bookworm Visiting A Middle Eastern Book Fair

  Here are five tips to make sure your experience of a book fair was worth the wait