HistoryMay 22, 2017

The History of Messages

Omar Albeshr (@ASRomar10)

Omar Albeshr (@ASRomar10)

Omar, an Emirati from Abu Dhabi, holds a degree in Avionics Engineering, currently works in tourism. He hopes one day he would publish his novels and his poetry book. His column is an exploration with a message, about the origins of words, terms, phrases and the stories behind them.
Omar Albeshr (@ASRomar10)

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Exploring the previous eras and ways of telecommunication untill they progressed to the current state. In these fast-paced days where people send billions of messages every day whizzing across the globe, we tend to omit from our heads the early beginnings of telecommunication that was used by our ancestors. What did people do when they

HistoryApril 19, 2017

Social Media – The New Colosseum

Jumanah Salama (@Juma_nah4)

Jumanah Salama (@Juma_nah4)

Jumanah is a Media and Communication graduate from King Abdulaziz University in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Her fields of interest lay in the studies of humanities and through her articles she seeks to create a bridge between sociology and social media.
Jumanah Salama (@Juma_nah4)

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Today we circulate graphic images and inhumane videos in hopes of awakening a part of the human mind that has yet to be desensitized. Between 70-80 A.D., ancient Rome has built an open-air venue famously known as the Colosseum for entertainment. You can hardly imagine the Colosseum without the association of brutal, vicious, and masculine

Social MediaJanuary 2, 2017

Social Media Destroyed Privacy

Fatma AlSahoul (@Fatmalsahoul)

Fatma is a nineteen-year-old student who’s currently pursuing her undergraduate studies in Finance at Zayed University in Dubai. Fatma has always dreamed to be a successful entrepreneur one day with countless innovative ideas that will help make a positive difference. She also wouldn’t mind to pursue a career involving her passions, writing and public-speaking. Conversations around topics like history, politics, and religion fascinates and interests her. Fatma’s column titled “A 90's Kid Perspective” includes this 19 years old’s perspective regarding different current affairs. This column is a safe place where all opinions are welcomed and respected.

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People giving up their privacy on the internet via social networking sites has turned into a terrifying trend.

Social MediaFebruary 7, 2016

Big Data or Big Brother?

Yasser Hareb (@YasserHareb)

Yasser Hareb (@YasserHareb)

Emirati author and social commentator.
Yasser Hareb (@YasserHareb)

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What is Big Data, how are we contributing to it’s growth, and how is it affecting our lives? Embed from Getty Images A new concept called “Big Data” emerged about three years ago, referring to the huge amounts of data aggregated in the databases of giant companies, such as Facebook, Amazon, Google, etc. The size

Social MediaNovember 26, 2015

Take the Fight Online

Alia Al Hazami (@AliaAlHazami)

Alia Al Hazami (@AliaAlHazami)

Column: Hidden Promises
Alia is an AUS student double majoring in International Studies and English literature. She is also the author of Alatash fictional novel. Her main goal is to make a change and empower the youth. Her column is meant to help the younger generations deal with tough situations. It was given that title as hidden promises is what us teenagers often believe; false promises.
Alia Al Hazami (@AliaAlHazami)

In a time where cyberbullying is spreading, how will enforcing regulations impact it, and how will it influence schools and parenting styles? “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me” is a nursery rhyme almost all of us heard growing up. Yet, this statement has been at fault in several situations. “Bullying”,

RelationshipsOctober 25, 2015

Can’t Love You Without A Social Media Status Update

Bahar Al Awadhi (@bahargpedram)

Bahar Al Awadhi (@bahargpedram)

Column Name: The Words Within
Bahar is a recruiter by profession, an aspiring writer by night, and a mom of toddler twins. She has an unending thirst for learning, as she completed her BComm in Canada, an MA in Dubai, and continues to develop herself with reading and research.
With her column, she shares her journey as she grows and learns more about this crazy beautiful world we live in.
Bahar Al Awadhi (@bahargpedram)

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Article in brief: the author looks at how greedy corporations and social media are adding to the pressures

RelationshipsSeptember 20, 2015

Communication from Talking to Texting

Mozah Al Samahi (@_mozah)

Mozah Al Samahi (@_mozah)

Eager learner with two academic achievements: Bachelors in Management(AUS) & Masters in International Business (Brunel University, London). Mozah is an insightful motivated individual who enjoys spreading her thoughts out loud by being a spontaneous wanderer in life’s journey. Her columns are based on the changing issues facing the Emirati society especially the youth. She is an adventurous who is eager to spread positivity and creativity. Mozah doesn’t believe in the word “impossible”.
Mozah Al Samahi (@_mozah)

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Article in brief: verbal communication is at a threat of disappearing as a result of strong attachments to mobile

NewsSeptember 10, 2015

The Insight Into The Newly Launched iPad Pro

Abdulla S. AlSuwaidi (@Aabo0)

Abdulla is an International Affairs student at Zayed University with a background in Accounting. He keeps himself busy with his podcast, ‘You There, Speak!‘, organizing meetups for ‘StreetPass Dubai ‘ and doing voice-acting for animated features. His main interests are science, education and culture.

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Article in brief: Apple launched its latest hardware last night, mainly the iPad Pro. Is it truly the

NewsSeptember 10, 2015

The 5 New Product Updates in #AppleEvent

Ali Shehabi (@AliHShehabi)

An Apple fanatic, and anything that involves big engines from motors and boats.

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Article in brief: the author summarizes the main 5 product updates announced during yesterday’s Apple event, with his perspective on them. It is that time of the year again, where all the dust settles on all the rumors and speculations, and we sit down thinking how our latest Apple gadgetry are now rendered obsolete by

HealthAugust 25, 2015

Be Socially Healthy Like a Campodimelian

Omar Al Owais (@OMSAlowais)

Omar Al Owais (@OMSAlowais)

Omar is an International Relations Student at the American University of Sharjah, with a passion towards politics and a devotion towards the rhythmic arts of poetry and prose.
Omar Al Owais (@OMSAlowais)

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Article in brief: the author discusses the importance of being socially healthy in our journey to long lives and good health. We humans, as diverse as we are, we unite in common causes, two of them being having long lives and good health. From strict diet regimens to multivitamin pills, this is how most of us