TravelJuly 13, 2017

Holi-STAY – The Rise of Staycations!

Exploring the concept of a “vacation” beyond the traveling on a boat/plane to a land beyond your comfort zone and discovering those lands and what it has to offer in a relaxing mode. Perhaps to discover something you might not need to travel so far away, sometimes the “unknown” is behind our backyard. Summer holidays can

SocietyFebruary 23, 2017

The Joys And Woes Of The Desert

Encouraging readers to explore the nature of the UAE, but also with caution to those who are negligent and cause harm to the environment. While the UAE may be famed for its glitz and glamor, and iconic structures such as the Burj Khalifa and Etihad Towers, one must not forget some of the real beauties

HistoryOctober 17, 2016

Ever Noticed The Heritage Sites On Our Banknotes?

What’s the importance of the heritage sites found on our banknotes and how important is it for our generation to integrate that knowledge in the educational system. The Jumeirah and Salem Al Mutawa Mosques or the Al Fahidi Fort are seen a few times a day on average, by any person who lives in the United

CommunitySeptember 8, 2016

UAE and Austria: Together in Peace

Emirati tourists collaborate with the Austrian community to organize an event celebrating the UAE culture in the village of Bad Hofgastein. There is a small village tucked away in the beautiful Austrian mountains, an hour away from the city of Salzburg, called Bad Hofgastein. For the past ten years, this small village has been welcoming

Film & TVJuly 28, 2016

A City in a Filmmaker’s Lens

How has filmmaking influenced the tourism industry in the past two centuries, and how people perceive certain cities over the others. Throughout history, the film industry did not have great influence on the tourism industry. By the 20th century, which was the prosperous era for filmmaking; tourism marketers started to collaborate with filmmakers to utilize

InspirationalMay 9, 2016

Religious Harmony in History

How a church in Budapest inspired the writer that tolerance and acceptance are key in safeguarding the society

Self ReflectionJanuary 28, 2016

Solo in the Seychelles

When you are face to face with yourself on a deserted island and the daily noise is shut

ReligionsDecember 29, 2015

Islamophobia: Small Mercies, Big Fear

What are the real signs of islamophia that faces practicing muslims in western countries? And how does it really impact practicing muslims who live abroad? The buffer of tolerance in the UAE that we often take for granted is prized when juxtaposed against the so-called, modern Western society. The last five years, having moved to

TravelMay 1, 2015

UAE as a Travel Destination

Article in brief: The author calls for making the UAE a summer holiday destination instead of traveling abroad given all the tourist attractions it has.   I must admit that I am always late in arranging my summer holiday plans. However, this year I decided to change my usual habit of being tardy and properly plan

Self ReflectionMay 1, 2015

I Pity the Blind in Granada

Article in brief: What does it take to be a thriving cultural, economic and manufacturing hub? Money? Land? People? Yes, to a certain extent. In this article, Omar Al Owais explores an additional factor. I pity the blind in Granada; says Francesco Alarcon De La Casa. I visited Spain twice, and I couldn’t agree more with