RelationshipsJune 27, 2019

The Parent-Children Generational Gap: What We Text and What We Really Mean

  A sociolinguistic perspective on the style differences between the older and younger generations when it comes to texting. As a language student and a self-proclaimed linguist, I have grown accustomed to routinely analyzing our daily discourse and the way we perceive it. Since texting is the primary source of online communication today, my classmates

FoodJune 19, 2019

5 Middle Eastern Spices That Promote Your Wellbeing

  Middle Eastern spices don’t only enhance the taste of your dishes, but also promote your wellbeing. Middle

ArtJune 17, 2019

Irthi (@IrthiCrafts) Bringing to Light Talli and its Artisans

  Exploring the making of Talli – an Emirati traditional craft- and Bidwa, the social development programme under Irthi Crafts Council. In a wide grey room at the Bidwa Center in Dibba Al-Hisn, Sharjah, the one recurring sound I heard was the clashing of wooden and plastic bobbins. This room is filled with middle-aged to

ArtJune 11, 2019

Irthi Crafts Council(@irthicrafts): Developing New Markets

  Traditional crafts pave way for women and creativity. Last February my attendance to an Emirati traditional crafts event initially incited in me an interest for what I believed would be a more-detailed view of the nation’s crafts. Ironically, it mainly featured male-dominated panels discussing women’s crafts, who even credited elderly female members of their

Social MediaApril 16, 2019

Locked Up Inside the Social Media News Bubble

Social Media has effectively transformed our world. News circulated on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram can cross borders in split seconds. But is it helping us become any more knowledgeable? “In general, the greater the understanding, the greater the delusion” – George Orwell, 1984. Today, we tend to think of ourselves as well-informed individuals because the

PoliticsMarch 6, 2019

The War of Fake News on GCC and How Not To Fall For It

  The importance of understanding the war of fake news, and learning how to arm yourself against it. Today’s political landscape is getting grayer and grayer, with the constant flow of new forces and tactics coming to the surface, one of the most harmful ones being fake news. Though fake news might not be a

BeautyOctober 23, 2018

The Botox Culture

  As more and more people turn to cosmetic procedures to remain young and beautiful, is this simply

LifestyleAugust 28, 2018

The Art of Overcoming Bad Habits

  The only way to beat a bad habit is to plan it out with a strong faith in your abilities. We will illustrate here the importance of maintaining a real mindset! My eagerness was to improve my current state with the best attitude has always pushed me to update everything into a healthy version. 

LifestyleJuly 9, 2018

The Fifteen-Minute Radius Theory

  What maintaining a 15 minutes drive lifestyle can mean for us as citizens. Call it a theory, a way of life, or whatever label it fits to signify what a daily map should one adopt to have a stress free and fulfilled life. This theory of mine defines that whatever daily errand or chore

Social MediaMay 21, 2018

Do We Still Exist If We Are Not Online?

  A look at what life could mean if we are not active on social media. In today’s world where social media has gained such popularity among people of all ages, online presence has become the primary tool for communication and engagement with family, friends, and followers. People can get their “social fix” online by