EntrepreneurSeptember 4, 2016

When People Think your Business is a “Hobby”

When people look at your business that you founded and work hard at as a hobby, how do

EntrepreneurApril 1, 2015

Constantly Adapting Your Business to Change

Article in brief: This article deals with the fluid nature of business processes and dependent success is on the ability to adapt to changing environments. When you read interviews of owners of successful businesses, one thing is almost certain. When asked about the path their business has taken, many will respond by saying that the tasks

BusinessSeptember 1, 2012

Positive Impacts of Large Corporations on Small Businesses

During my time in business school, a common topic of discussion was around the threat to small businesses

SMEJune 1, 2012

Sustainable Busienss Growth

Illustration by Fatma AlHashemi (@F_Fotography) On a recent trip to Lake Placid Lodge, situated in Lake Placid, New

EntrepreneurFebruary 1, 2011

Franchising with an Emirati twist

By Reem Abdalla (@Reem096) Retail Companies have multiple options for market entry expansion in International territories. They range