HomeJanuary 16, 2017

Trapped in a Nightmare – How to Start Tidying Up?

Do we all clutter and suffer in tidying up our homes? Why does it happen and how can we get ourselves out of it? No sign of an exit; the lost key was the cause. No sign of an exit; the lost key was the cause. Standing there hopeless; trapped in a room I was.

FashionApril 19, 2016

One IN: One OUT

Having struggled for many years to keep my closet neat, I finally found a solution that worked best for me. “I have too many clothes”, I blurted out, shocking my circle of friends. My statement baffled them. What kind of modern day woman complains about owning too many clothes? Society more often hears: “I have

HomeSeptember 1, 2014

5 Easy Ways to Personalize Your Home

I’m sure we’ve all heard this so many times, a home should be made as welcoming a sanctuary

HomeJuly 1, 2014

De-Clutter Your Way to New Beginnings

Article in Brief: Cluttering not only takes up all the space in your house, but can also hold you back from countless other experiences. The author tells us why it’s important to de-clutter and how to get started.  Every time I decide to de-clutter, I feel like I am taking a journey down memory lane.