BusinessApril 3, 2019

Will We Barter Again?

  Are your humble savings limiting your growth? Do you find it difficult to grow your business while managing expenditures? Then, online bartering could be a solution. Are you a professional videographer? Accounting perhaps? Yet you don’t have enough savings to paint your house? How about you shoot a video for a painter who is

HistoryOctober 17, 2016

Ever Noticed The Heritage Sites On Our Banknotes?

What’s the importance of the heritage sites found on our banknotes and how important is it for our generation to integrate that knowledge in the educational system. The Jumeirah and Salem Al Mutawa Mosques or the Al Fahidi Fort are seen a few times a day on average, by any person who lives in the United

MoneySeptember 21, 2016

5 Ways Millennials Can Secure Their Future Financially

How can millennials secure their future financially in the absence of a suitable pension system for them. With the UAE’s pension system that isn’t open for the non-Emirati population within the UAE, and with the Emirati millennials (and all millennials for that matter) following a lifestyle that can’t fit the pension system, what are the

BusinessMarch 13, 2016

The UAE’s Diverse Approach Towards a Diverse Economy

The UAE’s recent governmental structural reform is not the country’s only action towards reaching economic efficiency. What are

MoneyOctober 13, 2015

Emiratis Need to Join the World of eCommerce

Article in brief: the author explains how ecommerce is rapidly growing in the MENA region and urges Emiratis

MoneyJune 14, 2015

Finding the Good in a Commercialised Ramadan

Article in brief: the author faces a dilemma, should she stick to her long-time opinion against the commercialization of Ramadan or should she jump on that bandwagon? Recently I found myself at an existential crisis, if we can call it that. For years I’ve often looked, with disdain, at how companies take advantage of Ramadan. Special deals for

EntrepreneurApril 1, 2012

The Cardinal Rule of Venture Capital: Good Ideas Get Funded

The point where we see a problem that we believe we have a solution for and feel that it would make for a great business plan. By default, any good idea will get funded. With that said, any good idea must incorporate the following critical elements:

MoneyJanuary 1, 2012

Understanding the European Debt Crisis

By Haif Zamzam (@haifnothaifa) Whether you want to hear about it or not, it is hard to ignore

MoneyDecember 2, 2011

Do Emiratis Realize How Bad the International Economy is?

By Haif Zamzam (@haifnothaifa) On the Thursday that Gaddhafi was killed, I left the office late but just

MoneyOctober 2, 2010

The Importance of Financial Literacy

By Iman Ben Chaibah (@ImanBenChaibah) One of the trendy words nowadays is “Financial Literacy”. As a way of