Mental HealthOctober 1, 2018

5 Ways to Handle A Friend’s Mental Illness

  When a person struggles with depression, anxiety, PTSD, Bipolar disorder or another mental illness, everyone around that

RelationshipsAugust 29, 2018

The Need To Be Yourself

  There are times in life when we would need to make a good impression. But it needs

PsychologyMay 29, 2018

How Important Is It to Mandate Premarital Counseling, in the UAE?

  Many couples in the UAE do not get the chance to know their future spouse before marriage, and that has led to high divorce and dissatisfaction rates. Premarital Counseling is a great way to mend those issues and build happier lives. “All families have their problems.” Everyone says that. But are we really doing

RelationshipsSeptember 29, 2017

That Bitter Woman

Recounting an incident of someone’s bitterness and showing the other side of the story and why some people

FamilyJuly 18, 2017

A Wedding Without Drama

Weddings should not have to be about pomp and glory, but rather an intimate celebration of a couple’s union and their transition into married life. Weddings are seen as a major milestone, despite all other achievements that people may have accomplished in their lives. Marriage is also seen in the context of the Islamic faith

FamilyMay 14, 2017

Lesson Learned– Spend Time With Your Loved Ones

What are the lessons we learn after the sudden loss of a family member? I published my last article in the summer of 2016, and since then I have been suffering from writer’s block. I don’t know the reasons behind that block, but one thing I am sure about, is the fact that not being

FamilyJuly 3, 2016

The Ode to My Mother

April 15, 2015 – 7:15am Dubai Hospital The sound of your breathing and your occasional snores are the sweetest sound and melody I have ever heard. It’s the sound of safety, security and at this moment my life line. I feel my heart beating in tune with your breath. It even skips a beat when

RelationshipsNovember 10, 2015

The Benefits of Vulnerability

Taking the reader through the thinking process of why vulnerability could be inspirational and why embracing it could make us better human beings. I recently attended a leadership forum in Dubai. As a way of introducing ourselves, all 30 of us were asked to share what inspires us. The answer that caught my attention came from

RelationshipsOctober 25, 2015

Can’t Love You Without A Social Media Status Update

Article in brief: the author looks at how greedy corporations and social media are adding to the pressures

RelationshipsOctober 20, 2015

To Forget While Forgiving

Article in brief: the author compares forgiving with forgetting, how incomplete would the forgiving be without fully forgetting,