IdentityMarch 4, 2019

Land: An Essential or An Accidental Property of Identity?

  Nationality may fulfill the individual’s sense of self leaving him/her with little need to pursue a higher understanding of their identity until nationality can no longer be defined nor gratify the self’s needs. Across the earth, there is an average of 353,000 babies being born each day[i]. Each baby will usually be given a

IdentityFebruary 25, 2019

Islamophobia And Hijabophobia: How It All Started and Why You Should Care

Is Hijabophobia as scary as it seems? Why does America fear Muslims? Exploring misconceptions and challenging Muslim stereotypes. How many times have you witnessed the stereotyping of Muslim women in daily interactions? Have you seen movies that portray Muslims as oppressed? If you are a Muslim female, have you received any questions that might surprise

IdentityDecember 4, 2018

The Fight For Ethnic Feminism

  Recounting stories from Instagrammers of different ethnicities and nationalities, we see that racism and sexism are part

CultureOctober 28, 2018

The Difference Between My Third Culture Kids and Myself

  How different am I from my kids who were born and raised in the UAE while I

ArtJune 21, 2017

Long and Lost in the Abstract Abyss of Helen Teede’s Art

Examining loss in Helen Teede’s “Unhomed” exhibition in which she reflects on the loss of her home in Zimbabwe. A large, strikingly painted canvas by Zimbabwean artist Helen Teede was one of the few paintings that struck a chord with me during Alserkal Avenue’s opening night last March. The artwork at hand, titled “Shifting Grounds”,

IdentityJune 12, 2017

The Wondrous World of Bilingual Brains

How does knowing more than one language affect our brains? Does it make our minds disoriented or sharper?

IdentityMay 31, 2017

Would You Change Your Name?

The author considers why a friend of hers has changed her name drastically for social acceptance. A few

EducationApril 1, 2015

Without Roots, We Cannot Grow

Article in brief: The author looks at the reasons why the Arabic language and culture may be at risk and the growing need for its preservation. Recent headlines in the UAE have been revolving around the need to preserve the Arabic language, as we lose the new generation to the English language and the many popular

IdentityApril 1, 2015

Muslims: The Challenge of Insecurity

Article in brief: Muslim nations have been severely affected over the years whether through colonization, social makeup, or lack

CultureJune 3, 2010

Words to Consider In Globalization

By Shaima Al Tamimi, No word has been as popular in the twenty first century than “globalization”. It