BusinessApril 3, 2019

Will We Barter Again?

  Are your humble savings limiting your growth? Do you find it difficult to grow your business while managing expenditures? Then, online bartering could be a solution. Are you a professional videographer? Accounting perhaps? Yet you don’t have enough savings to paint your house? How about you shoot a video for a painter who is

BusinessJuly 20, 2017

Agenda-Setting – But I Want to Catch ’em All

What is agenda setting, and how does it relate to advertising. The information portrayed in a way that

BusinessMay 24, 2017

Organizational Structures Going Flat

What is the flat organizational hierarchy and how is it used in management. Every successful organization functions on

BusinessMarch 13, 2016

The UAE’s Diverse Approach Towards a Diverse Economy

The UAE’s recent governmental structural reform is not the country’s only action towards reaching economic efficiency. What are

BusinessMay 1, 2014

Ladies & Gents of the UAE, You’re Making Me Proud

Written by: Fida Chaaban (Editor in Chief of Entrepreneur Middle East Magazine) When I first found out about Sail eMagazine’s Editor in Chief, Iman Ben Chaibah, through the jury of the Young Creative Entrepreneur Award from the British Council I was inspired. This prompted me to reach out to this ballsy female entrepreneur and propose

BusinessSeptember 1, 2012

Positive Impacts of Large Corporations on Small Businesses

During my time in business school, a common topic of discussion was around the threat to small businesses

BusinessFebruary 1, 2012

Laws of the Internet: What are SOPA and PIPA?

By Mohamed AlJunaibi (@maljunaibi) This January, and the opening month of 2012, the internet became (once again) the

BusinessNovember 1, 2011

Trekking in India: Business Lessons from the Forest

By  Rooda AlNeama (@ThinkDubai) Last weekend, I had the pleasure of forest trekking in the South of India.

BusinessOctober 1, 2011

Employee Happiness Leads to Financial Profitability

By Khalid AlAmeri (@KhalidAlAmeri) The word leadership or to lead comes across us in our everyday lives. Whether

BusinessSeptember 1, 2011

The UAE’s Flourishing Entrepreneurial Opportunities

By Khalid AlAmeri (@KhalidAlAmeri) In my books, 2011 has been the year of the entrepreneur particularly for the