Self Growth

Self ReflectionMarch 17, 2019

What It Means to be Beautiful

  Being beautiful has nothing to do with your physical appearance. At 17-years-old, this is something I still struggle to believe in wholeheartedly. I’ll be the first person to tell you that I couldn’t care less about what other people think of me, and then cry myself to sleep after that because I would think

IdentityMarch 4, 2019

Land: An Essential or An Accidental Property of Identity?

  Nationality may fulfill the individual’s sense of self leaving him/her with little need to pursue a higher understanding of their identity until nationality can no longer be defined nor gratify the self’s needs. Across the earth, there is an average of 353,000 babies being born each day[i]. Each baby will usually be given a

IdentityFebruary 25, 2019

Islamophobia And Hijabophobia: How It All Started and Why You Should Care

Is Hijabophobia as scary as it seems? Why does America fear Muslims? Exploring misconceptions and challenging Muslim stereotypes. How many times have you witnessed the stereotyping of Muslim women in daily interactions? Have you seen movies that portray Muslims as oppressed? If you are a Muslim female, have you received any questions that might surprise

IdentityDecember 4, 2018

The Fight For Ethnic Feminism

  Recounting stories from Instagrammers of different ethnicities and nationalities, we see that racism and sexism are part

PsychologyOctober 30, 2018

The Influence Our Surrounding Environments Have On Us

  We are often unaware of how influential the environment we surround or place ourselves in may impact our overall state of wellbeing. As much as we would like to think that during most times we are immune to our surroundings, we are not. In fact, our surroundings affect us in many different ways, and

InspirationalOctober 29, 2018

Through the Mirror’s Reflection

  We all spare time to declutter our surroundings, if things get messy. But what about our emotions?

CultureOctober 28, 2018

The Difference Between My Third Culture Kids and Myself

  How different am I from my kids who were born and raised in the UAE while I

PhilosophyOctober 3, 2018

Like It Or Not, Happiness Is Temporary

  In an age of moral correctness, let us not give into the notion that enforces happiness as the only acceptable state of mind. “Which pill would you choose?” he asked. I hummed as I scanned through the pill chart displayed in front of me by a colleague; each pill reassembled a wish one of

Self GrowthAugust 27, 2018

Our Human Underestimations: Forgiveness

  Exploring the psychology of forgiveness, its roots, and benefits, and then diving into the application of it and

EducationJuly 18, 2018

Studying Abroad: The Challenges of a Traveling Student

  What most people do not tell you about studying abroad is that it is not always all