UAE Heritage

HistoryJanuary 3, 2017

History of the UAE’s Land and Its Connection to Present People

What are the old civilizations that lived on the UAE’s land, and are we connected to them like other countries are connected to their previous civilizations? In the past, many thousand years ago, people have documented parts of their lives such as their beliefs and significant events on walls and even on stones. Without access

UAE CultureJuly 31, 2016

Hello Neighbor! Can We Be Friends?

Although the world is interconnected, our relationship with neighbors is not as strong as it used to be. With that, we have lost the sense of neighborhood that we used to have in the UAE. Moving into my own house was one of my dreams coming true back in 2008. My little family was so

UAE CultureApril 10, 2016

Ship of the Desert

The author urges decision makers in the UAE to pay more attention to camels and identify new investment opportunities which will make use of the large number of camels in the country. A typical Hollywood movie would normally depict life in old Arabia by showing a man wearing a Ghutra, traveling on his camels through

FeatureJanuary 26, 2016

In Memory of Mohammad Ali Zainal, The “King of Pearl”

The author talks about a Saudi businessman and philanthropist named Mohammad Ali Zainal who made great contributions to the field of education in the Arabian Peninsula. In the past few decades, the Arabian Peninsula has gone through countless changes and developments in the field of education. Today, it hosts several world-class universities and schools that

UAE HeritageJanuary 21, 2016

Lost Heritage is Lost Treasure

The UAE is home to many expats who have lived here for many years. Unfortunately, countless of them left the country without documenting their stories and their perspective of the country’s development. It has been a year now, since I started writing for Sail Magazine. It has been a challenging yet wonderful experience, especially that

FashionJuly 12, 2015

A Piece in History: The ‘Ugal’

Article Brief: Author visits an Ugalor, Arabian male headpiece maker, and explores the contemporary process of making it,

ReligionsJuly 4, 2015

Ramadan, Then and Now

Article in brief: the author reminiscences about the traditions of Ramadan during his childhood. My seven-year-old Mohammad will fast

FamilyApril 1, 2015

Is It Clear? – Tuning TV’s to Appropriate Channels

Article in Brief: the author talks about his experience through the fast developing media sector and the need

UAE CultureFebruary 1, 2015

The Old Mosque in Fujairah

Article in brief: The author talks about his experience in visiting different mosques in the UAE and the importance of preserving old mosques. According to the General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowments, there are 4915 mosques in the UAE. The number of mosques has increased drastically in the recent years with the increase of population

UAE HeritageJanuary 1, 2015

Grandma’s Sewing Machine

Article in brief: The author reflects on his grandmother’s sewing machine and what it meant for the previous generations.