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The Words WithinJuly 6, 2015

See No Evil, Smell No Evil

Article in brief: The author looks at the local laws imposed on eating and drinking during fasting hours in Ramadan and ponders as to whether such drastic measures are really necessary. We’re in Ramadan, the holiest month of the Islamic year, and this is the time when we can reignite our faith and strengthen our bond

Emirati ReflectionsJuly 4, 2015

Ramadan, Then and Now

Article in brief: the author reminiscences about the traditions of Ramadan during his childhood. My seven-year-old Mohammad will fast

Just a NassasaryJuly 1, 2015

You, I & Us

Article in brief: The author talks about the importance of setting up a common societal goal as means to progress by studying historic and recent examples of tolerance or division in societies. In my previous article I talked about working social structures and the things that contribute to a productive society. However, for social structures to

Here We StartJune 29, 2015

June 2015 Issue # 63

As you may have noticed by now, we’ve changed the way we run Sail Magazine. We now publish more regularly and have spread out the articles of the monthly issue across the month as many readers requested. We hope you like the new approach and enjoy reading Sail Magazine better with it. As we approach

Pocket Full of BooksJune 27, 2015

Book Review: Eat. Nourish. Glow.

Article in brief: the author shares with us her book review on “Eat. Nourish. Glow”, about healthy eating

The First Years Last ForeverJune 23, 2015

What Happens Online Stays On Google Forever

Article in brief: Children and adolescents who share personal content online can get exposed to predatory risks and can destroy their image for a lifetime. Engaging in Social Media (SM) platforms has become a common activity among children and adolescents since it provides a portal for entertainment and communication through various programs and social sites.

Hidden PromisesJune 21, 2015

The F Word (Failure)

Article in brief: The author discusses her take on what failure truly is. Ever since I was a

Of Ships And KingsJune 18, 2015

Ramadan and Final Exams

Article in brief: the author discusses the benefits of attending school during Ramadan. As a high school senior, I

Guest ArticleJune 16, 2015

It’s About Getting Back Up

Written by Alia Al Shamsi (instagram: @Sand_in_her_hair) Article in brief: the author talks about how her experience with boxing helped her reconnect with herself, and focus on what matters again. Not sure exactly how I ended up finding myself breathless, dripping in sweat with the entire stellar galaxy swirling in my vision and surrounded by four

Musings of an “Entrepreneur”June 14, 2015

A Dilemma on the Commercialization of Ramadan

Article in brief: the author faces a dilemma, should she stick to her long-time opinion against the commercialization of Ramadan or should she jump on that bandwagon? Recently I found myself at an existential crisis, if we can call it that. For years I’ve often looked, with disdain, at how companies take advantage of Ramadan. Special deals for

EventsJune 11, 2015

What Happened on Our Sail Authors Discussion Panel

Last Tuesday, 6th of June 2015, we hosted a discussion panel event with our published authors: Alia Al Shamsi, author of the children illustrated book: Alayah Omar Al Busaidy, author of the business / self-help book: Just Read It Sarah Al Mulla, author of the poetry / short stories book: A Journey Within Mohammed Al

Finding The BalanceJune 11, 2015

Working and Expecting – Part II

Article in brief: the author talks about the dilemma of a being a stay at home mum or

Emirati ReflectionsJune 8, 2015

The Newspaper Man

Article in Brief: a story of newspaper salesman on the streets of Ras Al Khaimah whose job has been affected by legislations and competitions with online media. While driving around Ras Al Khaimah, I noticed a newspaper salesman on the side of the road. Seeing him was a surprise to me as he is among the

Accentuate Your BeautyJune 6, 2015

Filtrated Necessities

Article in brief: the author shares with us the list of makeup items that are essential for daily looks.

Ebb & FlowJune 3, 2015

Skin Problems

Article in brief: the author explains what causes acne and how to prevent and treat it. One of