Here We StartJuly 1, 2014

Here We Start – Issue #52

As we publish our 52nd Issue, we are entering the holy month of Ramadan. A month in which we learn all over again to be patient, humble, and human; a month in which we rekindle our family relationships and we give back to the community in every possible way. In the spirit of all that,

AboutJuly 1, 2014

Ela Jary; To My Neighbor

As part of our support to Ela Jary‘s campaign, we opened the door for a member of their team to tell us more about their initiative, how it started, and how to be part of it. The month of Ramadan is a Holy month for Muslims and was blessed upon them as part of the

FeatureJuly 1, 2014

Metamorphosis – Hear My Echo’s Competition Winner

We collaborated recently with Hear My Echo (@HearMyEcho_AE) on their writing competition: “This is how the story ends”, in which the ending was written by HME’s team, and the contestants were asked to write their own story plot that would end with the given ending. The result was a number of very creative stories. And the

FeatureJuly 1, 2014


Article in brief: A take on “Takatof”, their Ramadan initiatives and what they mean for the community. Ramadan has begun, a 30-day opportunity to cleanse our souls and rid it of its impurities. Whilst we are blessed with all the means of having a comfortable and easygoing month of fasting, praying and self-discovery; many others don’t.

Ebb & FlowJuly 1, 2014

What Is Health?

Article in brief: An invitation to look at health as an attainable state of being. The world health organization

Habillez-MoiJuly 1, 2014

Cruise Collections’ Prominence

Article in brief: The author explores the role of resort collections in the industry. It’s resort season, and designers are giving us an idea of what to expect for the main Summer 2015 collections. The many different collections in fashion can get a little too complicated but to put it simple, cruise collections are placed between

Little Doses of HappinessJuly 1, 2014

Pumpkin and Sage Bruschetta and the Joy of Small Things

Article in brief:  A simple and easy recipe for bruschetta that is always a winner and some thoughts on what makes life that little bit happier and more special. The best things in life are always those that we can’t quantify; moments. With most of us having incredibly fast-paced lifestyles, simple things such as an

LOL - Live Out LoudJuly 1, 2014

Considering The Possibilities

Article in brief: the author urges the readers to believe in themselves being powerful, creative and much more,

Mental PonderingJuly 1, 2014

5 Ideas For A Happier Life

Article in brief: Sometimes it only takes some minor ideas to live a happier life, however, nowadays people are so bombarded with books and blogs for positivity it is very difficult to know what to do. “Living a happier life” is a cliché that has been used and abused by many over the years. There

The Words WithinJuly 1, 2014

De-Clutter Your Way to New Beginnings

Article in Brief: Cluttering not only takes up all the space in your house, but can also hold you back from countless other experiences. The author tells us why it’s important to de-clutter and how to get started.  Every time I decide to de-clutter, I feel like I am taking a journey down memory lane.

To A Better TomorrowJuly 1, 2014

Endorphin; The Elixir Of Life

Article in brief: How does Endorphin or as many may call it ‘The hormone of happiness’ work? And

Wondering Out LoudJuly 1, 2014

Will Earth Meet Its Long Lost Cousin?

Article in brief: The author looks into the possibility of finding a second Earth, as well as extraterrestrial