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Here We StartApril 1, 2015

Here We Start – Issue # 61

The crazy month of March is finally over, and I say it with all the love. Every year, March gets filled with more and more big scale events in almost all the different fields of interest. This March we had the Emirates Airlines Festival of Literature, Art Season with all what it includes from Sikka,

FeatureApril 1, 2015

Design Interactions

Article in brief: Being a part of Design Days Dubai 2015 as an exhibitor, as opposed to being part of the organizing team or being an intern, gave a fresh perspective on how the design pieces inform an interaction between the object and the viewer without any preconceived notions. Design Days Dubai unfolded its contents yet

FeatureApril 1, 2015

Success Stories From Design Days Dubai

Article in brief: The author searched deep into Design Days Dubai to find three inspiring participants of the exhibition with inspiring stories to share. Dubai Art Season is one of the most exciting seasons for not only artists and designers but also people with an eye that loves to see beauty. Design Days Dubai was

FeatureApril 1, 2015

E7- Banat Al Emarat

Article in brief: the article features the e7 summit organized by POAG, the purpose behind it, and the

Ebb & FlowApril 1, 2015

Back Pain!

Article in brief: the author gives us an overview of lower back pain and ways to overcome it. In

Emirati ReflectionsApril 1, 2015

Is It Clear?

Article in Brief: the author talks about his experience through the fast developing media sector and the need

Hidden PromisesApril 1, 2015

The Smurfette Principle

Article in brief: The author discusses the importance of acknowledging the power of television on the minds of children. People often underestimate the power television has over children. The things we grow up watching and learning are the things that often shape us as we grow older. Like every child out there, I had my

Just a NassasaryApril 1, 2015

A Divided Unity

Article in brief: No matter what race, religion, or culture you are, there is more that unites us

Musings of an “Entrepreneur”April 1, 2015

Adaptability and Goals

Article in brief: This article deals with the fluid nature of business processes and dependent success is on the ability to adapt to changing environments. When you read interviews of owners of successful businesses, one thing is almost certain. When asked about the path their business has taken, many will respond by saying that the tasks

Pocket Full of BooksApril 1, 2015

Mornings In Jenin – Book Review

Article in brief: the author gives us her review of Mornings in Jenin and how she felt about reading

The Words WithinApril 1, 2015

Without Roots, We Cannot Grow

Article in brief: The author looks at the reasons why the Arabic language and culture may be at risk and the growing need for its preservation. Recent headlines in the UAE have been revolving around the need to preserve the Arabic language, as we lose the new generation to the English language and the many popular

To The PointApril 1, 2015

Muslims: The Challenge of Insecurity

Article in brief: Muslim nations have been severely affected over the years whether through colonization, social makeup, or lack