Here We StartOctober 1, 2014

Here We Start – Issue #55

Those who know me personally know that last month I was honored to be chosen as a delegate to the 51st International Achievement Summit. And like all the other delegates and myself before we started the program, it would be safe to say, no one really knew what was this all about, because it’s not

FeatureOctober 1, 2014

Timez5: The Life Changing Praying Mat

Article in brief: The author takes us on an old woman’s journey who had joint and back problems and through her first five days of using the Timez5 prayer mat, and how it changed the way she prayed thereafter. The previous two articles related to the Timez5 mat, “Timez5: The Medical Praying Mat” and “Timez5: The Scientific Praying

FeatureOctober 1, 2014

Let Us Hear It Through Your Voice

Written by Maitha AlShamsi (CEO of Human Rights Sector in CDA) Article in Brief: A film competition to

InterviewOctober 1, 2014

Interview with Saleh AlBraik, The Man Behind ThinkUp – Part 1

As Thinkup GCC celebrates its 3rd anniversary, our editor in chief interviews her old friend Saleh AlBraik, the man behind it all. The interview is divided to two parts; the first part is published in October’s issue and will cover Thinkup’s different phases since its launch, while the second part will be published in November’s issue

Ebb & FlowOctober 1, 2014

Tummy Ache!

Article in brief: A quick look on what causes gastric upsets and problems. A tummy ache can vary

Hidden PromisesOctober 1, 2014

Loser Freshman

Article in brief: The author talks about how to perceive transitions as she makes the transition from being a high school student to a university freshman. Growing up, we have always been made to think that transitions are hard. I, personally, despise change. However, as I got older, I only realized that change could in

Of Ships And KingsOctober 1, 2014

The Robin Williams Fluctuation

Article in brief: Success and happiness are directly proportional, or are they not?  Clarification: This article looks at reasons

Pocket Full of BooksOctober 1, 2014

Kill the Beast

Article in brief:  A review about “Lord of the Flies” that was written by Sir William Golding. “Kill

The First Years Last ForeverOctober 1, 2014

Self-Esteem is a Lifelong Process

Article in brief: the author explains how a child living in a nurturing home during his/her early years can develop a strong sense of self-esteem that will reflect on their progress throughout their childhood and prepare them to manage their work and relationships in their adulthood. “Self-esteem is the sum of self-confidence and self-respect. It reflects

The Heart of MakingOctober 1, 2014

The Healers

Article in brief: The author shares how suffering from a fractured arm due to a horse riding accident made

The Words WithinOctober 1, 2014

Who’s the Boss?

The article in brief: the author looks at the dynamics and the challenges associated when one employee is promoted and then has to manage his former colleagues. You’ve been waiting for that promotion for so long. You know you have what it takes to manage a department and run it successfully and now you’ve finally landed

To A Better TomorrowOctober 1, 2014

Nightmares: A Bitter Escape From Reality

Article in brief: You might wake up in the middle of the night with your heart pounding from