Marketing and AdvertisingAugust 30, 2017

What is Guerrilla Marketing?

What is Guerrilla marketing, and what makes it better than traditional marketing? And why is it especially suitable for small businesses. I know what you’re thinking and no, this has nothing to do with the banana-loving tree-swingers. Guerrilla Marketing is an approach introduced back in 1984, by Jay Levinson, an advertising executive (Wallace, 1989). It’s

HealthAugust 28, 2017

Can Cancer Be Avoided at All?

Cancer is a disease that occurs by the abnormal division of cells that form a tumor. Cancer has caused the death of countless people between men, women, and children. Does general medicine have any cautionary advice against it? Cancer is a disease that is caused when the human body cell’s orderly division process becomes abnormal.

PsychologyAugust 24, 2017

Anxiety; The Modern Epidemic

Anxiety is a serious problem that many of us have but don’t realize. Find out how to spot

PsychologyAugust 23, 2017

A Closer Look At Mental Illnesses

Is there any close person to you who has been diagnosed with a mental illness? Have you ever

Work LifeAugust 2, 2017

The Millennial’s Path To Success

How does the millennial generation define success different from the generations before and how are we achieving it? For many generations success has been a clear path; a good education, a good job, marriage, a house and a good retirement plan. This path still works for a lot of people but most of us millennials

Self ReflectionJuly 31, 2017

It’s All About FAN LUV!

Looking into society’s fan syndrome and redirecting the emotions and efforts towards oneself. Some phenomenon, although commonly widespread, do not grab our attention unless we pause and look at them closely. I have been following Khaled Mohamed (known as @djkhaled) on social media for a while, mainly because I find his son Asahd adorable. I

LiteratureJuly 27, 2017

For the Love of Novels

Some people consider reading fiction a waste of time, akin to watching movies based on it. Never overlook

ScienceJuly 24, 2017

What Does Militarizing Scientific Research Really Mean?

Militarizing scientific research is a proven method to expand on researches and push them to their full potential

Business and MoneyJuly 20, 2017

Agenda-Setting – But I Want to Catch ’em All

What is agenda setting, and how does it relate to advertising. The information portrayed in a way that

FamilyJuly 18, 2017

A Wedding Without Drama

Weddings should not have to be about pomp and glory, but rather an intimate celebration of a couple’s union and their transition into married life. Weddings are seen as a major milestone, despite all other achievements that people may have accomplished in their lives. Marriage is also seen in the context of the Islamic faith

Business and MoneyJuly 13, 2017

Holi-STAY – The Rise of Staycations!

Exploring the concept of a “vacation” beyond the traveling on a boat/plane to a land beyond your comfort zone and discovering those lands and what it has to offer in a relaxing mode. Perhaps to discover something you might not need to travel so far away, sometimes the “unknown” is behind our backyard. Summer holidays can

EmployeeJuly 11, 2017

3 Main Reasons Employee Disengagement Is a Pandemic

What are the main reasons employee disengagement has become so common in our workplaces? Employee disengagement manifests itself in many ways; in the slow tempo and zoned-out looks of people as they perform their tasks, in taking far too many sick leaves for the tiniest of sniffles, and complete nonchalance in anything work-related that goes

ArtJune 21, 2017

Long and Lost in the Abstract Abyss of Helen Teede’s Art

Examining loss in Helen Teede’s “Unhomed” exhibition in which she reflects on the loss of her home in Zimbabwe. A large, strikingly painted canvas by Zimbabwean artist Helen Teede was one of the few paintings that struck a chord with me during Alserkal Avenue’s opening night last March. The artwork at hand, titled “Shifting Grounds”,

Marketing and AdvertisingJune 19, 2017

What is Native Advertising?

What is native advertising, and why should you change your advertising ways? Advertisements can be annoying. According to

PsychologyJune 14, 2017

Is Emotional Intelligence An Option?

What does the term “Emotional Intelligence” mean? Why do we hear about it frequently? And do we really

IdentityJune 12, 2017

The Wondrous World of Bilingual Brains

How does knowing more than one language affect our brains? Does it make our minds disoriented or sharper?