Here We StartSeptember 1, 2014

Here We Start – Issue #54

As we publish our September issue, schools and universities are staring a new academic year; most students and even employees in their corporate jobs are now returning after what I hope was a refreshing holiday. Did you make the most of it? Did you shake off all the stress and exhaustion of the entire academic

FeatureSeptember 1, 2014

Timez5: The Scientific Praying Mat

Article in brief: The Timez5 Praying mat positively affects the user by reducing pain, increasing energy and changing posture. This is due to the unique and scientific design of the mat. The previous article featuring Timez5 discussed the health issues related to our current lifestyle, and how the way we live has affected the most intimate

Ebb & FlowSeptember 1, 2014

On Diabetes

Article in brief: An overview of the medical condition that’s affecting the lives of many. Diabetes is one of the greatest challenges in healthcare today, with numbers on the rise and the age of onset getting younger by the day. It is one of my most passionate causes of perusing alternative modalities, because I’ve seen enough

Habillez-MoiSeptember 1, 2014

Designer Collaborations

Article in brief: The writer states the benefits of collaboration for buyers and sellers. One of the perks

Hidden PromisesSeptember 1, 2014

Label Me

Article in brief: The author expresses the need to put a worth on every word uttered by oneself. We all grew up on a nursery rhyme that states, “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.” Personally, I find this statement to be full of lies.It’s true, sticks and stones

Little Doses of HappinessSeptember 1, 2014

5 Easy Ways to Personalize Your Home

I’m sure we’ve all heard this so many times, a home should be made as welcoming a sanctuary

LOL - Live Out LoudSeptember 1, 2014

Counting Your Blessings

Article in brief:  The writer explores the power of gratitude and the benefits associated with living life in a space of thankfulness.  In the age of self-help books and a time where many individuals have an increased awareness of the power of the mind and human spirit many writers, psychologists, life coaches, entrepreneurs and celebrities

Lost in ReverieSeptember 1, 2014

At Peace With Reality

Article in brief: The author speaks from experience about how one should accept the reality he or she

Notes of The NightSeptember 1, 2014

The Luxury of Boredom & The Illusion of Time

Article in brief: explains in his opinion how boredom is not a negative feeling, but the result of many positive events. A lot of phrases, terms or sentences and other pieces of wisdom have become common now. One of them is “you don’t know what you have until it’s gone” or “everything happens for a reason”.

Out of CopyrightSeptember 1, 2014

What Would I Do With One Day Left To Live?

Article in brief:  The author discusses the probability of people having one day to live, and how they

Pocket Full of BooksSeptember 1, 2014

Reality, the Reflection and the Two Moons

Article in brief: A book review of Murakami’s 1Q84. A novel of an alternate history. “Life is not like

The Heart of MakingSeptember 1, 2014

The Bread Maker

The article in brief: The inviting whiff of baked dough wrangles this article into a modest-sized bread bakery where all that is left is sweet doughy surrender.  Standing in line in front of “a hole in the wall” bakery, one would easily get antsy for their turn to come up, thanks to the gripping scent

To A Better TomorrowSeptember 1, 2014

Memories; Are They All True?

Article in brief: Have you ever been in a situation where you remember something that did not actually

To The PointSeptember 1, 2014

Why Settle for Mediocre?

Article in brief: The author discusses the impact of settling down as a community on our development and progress. “Come on, just move on” or “ Ya ammi, mash halek”, are phrases that you may be very familiar with if you live in the Arab world. These phrases are most often used when a situation isn’t