Beyond InspirationAugust 30, 2015

Emirati Women, Pull out Your Journals and Write

Article in brief: the author reflects on the importance of the Emirati Women’s Day for the society to keep thriving to achieve more. Oh how blessed we are as Emirati women to receive such unequivocal support from our wise leadership. The news and social media are filled with words of both celebration and gratitude for

Pocket Full of BooksAugust 27, 2015

Book Review: All The Light We Cannot See

Article in brief: the author shares her review of Anthony Doerr’s book: All The Light We Cannot See. “You will

Of Ships And KingsAugust 25, 2015

Be Socially Healthy Like a Campodimelian

Article in brief: the author discusses the importance of being socially healthy in our journey to long lives and good health. We humans, as diverse as we are, we unite in common causes, two of them being having long lives and good health. From strict diet regimens to multivitamin pills, this is how most of us

The Words WithinAugust 23, 2015

When Will Using Child Car Seats Become Second Nature?

Article in Brief: The author writes about the dangers of not enforcing the use of car seats and risking the safety of our children on UAE roads. According to the Health Authority in Abu Dhabi (HAAD), road injuries are the main cause of death in children. Reaching a staggering rate of 60%, the accidents have

FNC SeriesAugust 20, 2015

5 Things You Didn’t Know About the #FNC

With the third cycle of the Federal National Council (FNC) coming up, many in the Emirati society are starting to develop a deeper interest in their nation’s internal politics. Here, we take a look at five things even its closest followers might not know. The FNC has two functions: legislative and regulatory. Its legislative functions

Reflections of the MindAugust 18, 2015

Work Placements Should Be Compulsory For Emirati Students

Article in brief: the job market in the UAE is very competitive; hence, an experienced individual is required at all levels. It’s very common for teenagers in developed nations to have a job while they are studying, whether they were high school students, undergraduates, or even postgraduate students. A work placement gives the individual an

FNC SeriesAugust 16, 2015

What You Need To Know About the #FNC

Article in brief: We hear a lot about the FNC, but what is it really about? The author here explains the background of this federal authority, along with everything we need to know about it. The Emirati community has been buzzing lately with the announcement of the third cycle of the Federal National Council (FNC).

Musings of an “Entrepreneur”August 13, 2015

The Importance of Saying No

Article in brief: the author discusses the journey that leads to making conscious choices with your time. There’s one particular journey every business owner goes through eventually. It’s learning to say no. At the beginning, you are this starry-eyed entrepreneur who sees possibilities everywhere. You say yes to almost everything, and you don’t know what could possibly

Hidden PromisesAugust 11, 2015

What Social Media Did To The Act of Giving

Article in brief: the author discusses the advantages and disadvantages social media has on charity work. Last month

The Heart of MakingAugust 9, 2015

The Choreography of Glass

Article Brief: A study trip to Rhode Island School of Design in the United States, revealed to the

12 LessonsAugust 5, 2015

5 Ways To Overcome Life’s Challenges

Article in brief: coping with challenges is difficult, the author here suggests few of their personal steps to

Just a NassasaryAugust 3, 2015

How Europe Is His-story

Article in brief: The author looks into the history of Europe and its progress in maintaining a balance of

Emirati ReflectionsAugust 1, 2015

Parents You Are Responsible

Article in brief: Parents have to instill the concepts of tolerance and moderation when raising their children in order to build a tolerant society which accepts others regardless of their differences. After the recent terrorist attacks in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, a number of video clips documenting the attacks and security measures, taken by people and local

Here We StartJuly 30, 2015

Here We Start – Issue #64

Ramadan has left us just two weeks ago, and summer has now officially started for many. There are those who will travel away for a month to change scenery and refresh themselves, and there are those who will stay in town due to other commitments, or because they simply love staying back home. Whatever it

Uno Momento: A Moment of ContemplationJuly 28, 2015

Frozen’s Motto: Let it Go

Article in brief: Disney films offer some wise life advice worth considering by adults. Nowadays, many of us refrain

Pocket Full of BooksJuly 27, 2015

To Kill A Mocking Bird Book Review

Article in brief: the author reviews the literature classic “To Kill A Mocking Bird” by Harper Lee. ´Mockingbirds