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Here We StartFebruary 1, 2015

Here We Start – Issue # 59 – 5th Anniversary Invite

It’s almost that time of the year again, the time we celebrate our anniversary with all our readers and loyal audience. I’m more than honored and excited to finally officially invite you all to our 5TH ANNIVERSARY!! Please mark your calendar to join us: Date: Saturday, 21st of February 2015 Time: 4:30 PM – 6:30

Guest ArticleFebruary 1, 2015

My Social Media Suicide Farewell Letter

Writter by Alia AlShamsi (@AliaAlShamsi) Article in brief: The author explains the reasoning behind her decision to completely

Accentuate Your BeautyFebruary 1, 2015

Let’s Be Frank

Article in brief: The author discusses two hype-worthy beauty products. Most beauty products are well advertised for, but are

Crack the Core CodeFebruary 1, 2015

Children of the World

Article in brief: This article explores the pre-destined circumstances children are brought into, and the considerations of bringing human life into the world. When children are born, they are pre-destined to enter the world into various roles. They become new additions to already existing families, followers of certain beliefs, and new purpose to the lives of

Ebb & FlowFebruary 1, 2015

Pink Eye

Article in brief: why you get pink eyes and how to manage it. Pink eye, or conjunctivitis, is

Emirati ReflectionsFebruary 1, 2015

The Old Mosque

Article in brief: The author talks about his experience in visiting different mosques in the UAE and the importance of preserving old mosques. According to the General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowments, there are 4915 mosques in the UAE. The number of mosques has increased drastically in the recent years with the increase of population

Joie de VivreFebruary 1, 2015

The Joy Of Admitting You’re Not Happy

Article in brief: The author discusses the joy she found during a short time of unhappiness. September 2014 was when it hit me; I was unhappy. At that moment, my life seemed like a constant merry-go-round of working, commuting and socializing to the point of numbing exhaustion. It seemed that anytime the ride was nearing the

Lost in ReverieFebruary 1, 2015

It’s 2015 Already?

Article in brief: When it finally hits you that a new year have arrived, it’s time to sum

Musings of an “Entrepreneur”February 1, 2015

The E-Word and 5 Lessons

Article in brief: the author shares 5 lessons she learnt within the first two months of starting a business. Don’t

Notes of The NightFebruary 1, 2015

Chemicals & Conversations

Article in brief: The author stresses on the fact that people’s friends represent who they are. “Chemistry” is not

Of Ships And KingsFebruary 1, 2015

The Patriot

Article in brief: With the UAE recently celebrating 43 years of success and development, Omar Al Owais discusses how additional development may be achieved through our attitudes. Patriotism: (noun) the quality of being patriotic; vigorously supporting one’s country and the readiness to defend it at any cost. Pondering on this definition of a quality I’ve constantly

Pocket Full of BooksFebruary 1, 2015

The Hobbit: Fantasy and Adventure Through The Eyes of A Middle Earth-ian

Article in brief: Book review on “The Hobbit” which was written by J. R. R. Tolkien in 1937. “Far

The First Years Last ForeverFebruary 1, 2015

Children On Downhill Drive

Article in brief: Divorce can be a traumatic experience to cope and adjust with, not only for parents but also for children. However, if custodial parents help children to be resilient by managing the divorce transition, this can lessen the impact of divorce and help them to cope and move on. I don’t know how or why

The Heart of MakingFebruary 1, 2015

The Scent Makers

Article in brief: visiting an Oud factory proved that so much more care and effort are poured into

The Words WithinFebruary 1, 2015

What Will People Say?

The article in brief: The author discusses a question that dictates the way many families make decisions and choose