Musings of an “Entrepreneur”April 28, 2016

Allowing a Business to Grow

In this article, the author shares some thoughts as she tries to work towards expanding her business. The

Habillez-MoiApril 26, 2016

Growth and Ascent of Fashion Bloggers

The rise of digital influencers in fashion, and how they grew to take this big role they currently

You Have My WordApril 24, 2016

Game of Tongues (#GameOfThrones)

The author sheds light on invented languages used in Film and TV. After watching the first few episodes of the popular HBO show Game of Thrones (GOT), I would sense how intricate the Dothraki language is, as several scenes are spoken entirely in Dothraki with English subtitles. From hearing the characters speaking it, you can tell

Pocket Full of BooksApril 21, 2016

Lost in Mars, Book Review on The Martian

Reviewing Any Weir’s best selling novel: The Martian, with its different science fiction elements and some of its human behavioral elements. The Martian by Andy Weir is a bestselling novel with a movie adaptation that left the world in awe of Mark Watney, the main character who by misfortune is left on Mars and finds

Moments of ContemplationApril 19, 2016

One IN: One OUT

Having struggled for many years to keep my closet neat, I finally found a solution that worked best for me. “I have too many clothes”, I blurted out, shocking my circle of friends. My statement baffled them. What kind of modern day woman complains about owning too many clothes? Society more often hears: “I have

The Words WithinApril 17, 2016

UAE’s Brain Regain

The author writes about how the UAE has developed into a hub for talent and the measures taken to ensure retention of high-achieving Emiratis. Brain drain is the term used to define the movement or emigration of skilled and talented individuals that leave their home countries, usually lesser developed, to seek opportunities abroad in pursuit

Of Ships And KingsApril 14, 2016

Mental Health Stigma in the UAE

Are mental health issues prevalent in the UAE? How are they combatted? Omar Al Owais discovers. Fatima has excelled academically all her life. She graduated from high school and undergraduate school with honors, got married at 21, and is currently pursuing postgraduate studies while balancing raising her daughter with her husband, and attending to the

AUSMUN SeriesApril 12, 2016

The Changes in AUSMUN 2016 Edition (@AUS_ModelUN)

The author provides an overview of the conference this year, with some of the main changes in direction

Emirati ReflectionsApril 10, 2016

Ship of the Desert

The author urges decision makers in the UAE to pay more attention to camels and identify new investment opportunities which will make use of the large number of camels in the country. A typical Hollywood movie would normally depict life in old Arabia by showing a man wearing a Ghutra, traveling on his camels through

Guest ArticleApril 7, 2016

The Evolution of Movie Franchises

It’s tempting to think of movie franchises as relatively new, but in one form or another they’ve been

Musings of an “Entrepreneur”April 5, 2016

Supporting Female-Owned, Small Businesses

In this article, the author describes the annual initiative in her store (Spontiphoria) done to support small businesses. It was late 2014, and I was sitting and thinking of the franchise-savvy nature of the average Dubai consumer. At that point in time, international brands and franchises reigned supreme. Dubai was all about the next big

12 LessonsApril 3, 2016


When we only remember what we should have said long after we could have said it, is it

Pocket Full of BooksMarch 31, 2016

Ajwan’s Adventures Continue, Book Review on @NouraNoman’s Sci-Fi Series

The author reviews the second part of Ajwan’s science fiction series by Noura AlNoman, and compares it with the first

Guest ArticleMarch 30, 2016

Orwell’s Language

The author discusses George Orwell and his essay “Politics and the English Language”. In pop culture, George Orwell

Think AloudMarch 27, 2016

Why Do Some People Read And Some Don’t?

Why do people read? What do people read? Why do some people not enjoy reading? Being an avid reader and a true believer in the benefits of reading, I will try to answer some of those questions from my own observations and experiences. As many of you know, the year 2016 has been announced to

Books and WordsMarch 24, 2016

Book Review on “Revelation: The Story Of Muhammad” (@revelationthebk)

Review on a new book about the Prophet Mohammed’s life, that portrays his life in a new approach