9 thoughts on “Is Wearing A National Dress Makes You Feel Out of Place?

  1. Nice article!
    However there are indeed girls who dress causally but those are a few out of many, I don't really think it is a good idea to let go of the Abaya in Kuwait it feels that the national dress is almost non-existing even in their TV series they barely wear any of their national clothes & hence over time it becomes extinct

  2. Anjuman Haque says:

    Great article! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I have been fortunate to visit the Emirates a number of times and have found that throughout the years, the level of modesty has changed and likewise have questioned why this may have been. I think that wearing the abaya is part of one’s culture combined and religion. However the concept of modesty has been altered as mentioned, as the abaya no longer fulfils its purpose – to cover.

  3. Sara says:

    Great article Reem, i could honestly relate to the topic given that i am a national. The observations that you made concerning the issue raises the question. I do wonder at times will we ever have the option to not wear the abaya, and if we did will we be looked down upon.
    Keep it up and surprise us with your upcoming issue. :)

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  6. an expat says:

    I think there's a very big possibility of more Emirati women removing abaya in favor of casual clothes, just like it happened in Kuwait. I believe that's how it will be. It already started in less traditional and religious families and will spread more. Maybe another 10-15 years are needed for that. Probably only very religious, conservative Emiratis will stick to their national dress. My husband is one of such men, I think he'll never take off his kandoora while living here. Then I'm afraid it might happen that Emiratis in national clothes will be discriminated against at work place, will be looked at as religious extremists, nationalists, non-conformists, backwards and old-fashioned.

  7. an expat says:

    I believe it's good if Emirati women will be free to decide to wear abaya or not. I'm happy if more women will be free to take it off, it's their life, their right. It is certainly good. If Emiratis will abandon national dress maybe it's a part of the progress and it would happen sooner or later. At the same time, I'm afraid if locals will stop wearing national dress, they'll visually "dissolve" in the crowd of expats. It may feel even more as if foreigners "swallowed" the country and the small Emirati population. They are already few, and without abayas, kandooras they will be kind of invisible. I've not been to Kuwait, so, I can't tell how it feels when both expats and locals dress casually and it's hard to tell who's local and who's a foreigner. Don't know if it matters that expats and locals look different.

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