8 thoughts on “Tribalism, Marriage, & Society

  1. Gowri Viswam says:

    Great Article Kazim. Comming from a culture that is hopelessly tribalized and unwilling to accept that it is so, I think your views have merit in a any religion.

  2. Shareeq says:

    Great Artcile Brother. This holds Good for People of All Faiths.

  3. Hamda says:

    I really hope that someday people will look at each other as individual characters rather than a member of an ethnic group, or a certain tribe. These boundaries that some people create for themselves are what Prophet Mohammed referred to as a “rotten” habit. Great article.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Fantastic article, and very well-worded Kazim.

    Tribalism, indeed, continues to plague our societies, as you've rightly mentioned. But what is astonishing is there is little evidence of this plague subsiding.

    Let us hope our generation takes the determinative step towards eliminating such unfounded bias when choosing their partners.

  5. You may be told to eat foods that are low in fat or cholesterol. ,

  6. marriage should be a bout content not composition but unfortunately things do not work out like that because others people need to force their beliefs on to others.

  7. rush essay says:

    The things that you are talking about has been the part of the system that has been designed to live with peace. I think that we should go with the protocol that has been designed.

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