4 thoughts on “Manners? What Manners?!

  1. Rooda says:

    Through my observations I think that bad manners come from 2 roots:
    1. the feeling that he/she is entitled to whatever service he is getting, entitled to the greatest sense.
    2. misunderstanding the situation and being defensive as he/she think they are a victim.
    maybe people go on their whole lives thinking that way which makes them lose even the basics of manners such as 'please' and 'thank you'
    great thought provoking exploration!

  2. I wish more people would read this article. Bad manners often stem from a false sense of pride. We should instead take pride in being good human beings and having a reputation of treating others with respect, regardless of their nationality, religion, occupation, etc.

  3. In the past eight weeks I was allocated to two family physicians in different clinics in Sydney (c1 and c2) consisting of entirely dissimilar patients. Their reaction to a Muslim Arab medical student was very heterogenous and it cannot be summarised in these few lines, but certain things I would like to share.

    In Sydney, I have observed the 'closeness' of the individuals from the Gulf, which could be interpreted in many aspects. Multicultural societies have the tendency to accept other cultures whilst keeping close to ones own culture, especially if your culture is a minority. I truly believe that manners do affect persons of societies and societies do affect manners of persons.

    Many patients accepted me as a second doctor; whether in c1 or c2. Overall, it seems that age was the major contributer to great manners. The elderly smiled, shook hands, and greeted warmly. The kids/teenagers did not speak a lot; shy. The businessmen were social but straight to the point. So on.

    Patients from the Gulf seemed so easy to interact with, which could be because I see them in every Friday prayer. I do believe that my experience does not reflect the manners of the entire Arabic/Gulf society, but if those who lack manners could see the reason and the outcome of such good manner then closeness and brotherhood will be felt, once again!

    Thanks for the article. An important subject, indeed!

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