3 thoughts on “Augmented Reality, Seeing the World With New Eyes

  1. heike says:

    Very interesting view and I totally agree, the the rapid development of technology is the most significance thing happening around us. However – I find it at the same time frightening scary. Referring to your example – do I want my boss to know my stress level and my pulse-rate?
    If we are not careful about how we use technologies available, the same useful technology can turn evil when used with the wrong intention. And honestly – with all the traceable devices, we are carry with us, with all various plastic card that leave a track of our whereabouts and likes while we are spending money and with all the personal information, lots of us are sharing so openly with everybody online – aren't we on a way, that will ultimately lead to a complete loss of privacy?
    We might still cover our bodies – but blindly agree to share everything else with everybody else.
    P.S. I still love my Blackberry and my credit-card.

  2. Hello Heiki,

    First of all, thank you so much for the nice comments. Yes, the boss example was just one scenario where this form of data extraction can be applied. We do live in a much more enabled environment (Technologically speaking), but your question on privacy is at the heart of many debates on the role of technology providers in providing privacy to people.

    I'm a firm believer in enabling encryption technology towards applications in the public arena, even to the point that it cannot be decrypted any more.

    There is a lack of awareness (common awareness) on the dangerous poised by these “free” apps…and people do need to educate themselves in understanding the risks involved (usually clearly mentioned in the Terms and Conditions).

    Me personally, I feel that the whole question of critical thinking, and ensuring youth are able to think with the same level of dynamic insight is just as important. Since we can look at the above situation on privacy, and young people would be able to be self-aware of these concerns that you are raising up.

    A questioning culture is always a good thing.

    PSS: I love my Blackberry and Credit card too.


  3. SNO says:

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    Looking forward for more =)

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