4 thoughts on “The Universal Language of Food

  1. Sally says:

    I totally agree with your sentiments. I remember special occasions around the food I had to eat. How much love goes into cooking for your family and friends. And I've been lucky enough to be part of a very diverse group of people of all nationalities and ages recently, all united by a passion for food.

  2. InaFryingPan says:

    The thought of certain foods conjuring up memories from the past rings true. Agree with much of what you've said here…though I must say that I have fond memories even at restaurants. There are many parts of a meal – cooking, eating, sharing, chattering over the food, the ambience…all of which go into creating a lasting memory. (Exception – takeout meals where you plonk yourself in front of the telly and don't talk to anyone else rarely create any sort of memory.) Meals that I've had with my late grandparents in restaurants in India, or with my family at the roadside hand-churned ice cream stalls, or as a college kid waiting in line at our favorite 'egg-and-cheese' stall, with buddies on a Saturday morning….all of those are fond memories that don't involve cooking, but that I wouldn't discount for the world!

  3. Shaima says:

    you're right arva. I guess the cook in me also wanted to promote the activity as something fun and not make it look like a chore. It's something i hope every girl/guy learns how to do instead of rely on outsourced food all the time. Thank you :)

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