8 thoughts on “Entering Your First Job Like An All You Can Eat Buffet

  1. Mohammed K Mohammed K says:

    I completely agree with ur points, its nice to put the focus on the employee ,, many islamic principles also suggest the same

  2. nourina says:

    Nicely said. Especially in a society where we grow up having almost everything spoon fed to us. Talking about expectations can many times lead to disappointments, and miscommunications.

  3. Bu Mansour says:

    Agree with you. But in my opinion, what distinguish a manager and a leader or we could say a good manager & less competent manager is their realisations of how important it is for them to be there for the new joiners and also their understanding of the importance of having a well structured induction with a clear tasks and objectives for their new joiners. And not to mention the importance of the Human Resources involvements in this process and sppecifically their involvements in reviewing those objectives and tasks and also following up with the Unit Heads and the new joiners themselves. By having those three factors in place, the early time of the new joiners in any organisations will be great and efforts will be going into the right directions, and if the other two factors are not existing then new joiners have to do exactly what you said but I will add an element to this which is to keep their motivations balanced at this stage.

  4. Jennifer says:

    Loved …The Article Especially The Angle You Took…..
    I Think The New Up and Coming Members Of The Workforce Will Be Lucky To Have Some One Like You ….Inspire Them
    But Also Encourage Them To Aspire …..
    To Take Steps ….
    Meaning One Gets Out Of Any Experience…….. What They Put Into It ……!
    Nice Piece.

  5. Mona says:

    Again you impress us by combining rational & professional thoughts…New employee will limit themselves if kept waiting for a full attention from a boss to train them.Also when they reject extra tasks not linked to their position.Fresh graduates need to build both knowledge and experience by going through diversified work scope and the more flexibility they show it will be rewarding in their career path ,they wl be able to build a solid background from things and errors they did .Career is a journey .

  6. SNO says:


    I appreciate your choice of topic for the new batch, that’s exactly what matters, is being proactive, initiator, and responsible.
    the next important factor would be the work environment, mainly the managers willingness to channel individuals energy and encouraging them further,,,

  7. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful article indeed. It's so plain to see that this comes from an experience, hope things always turns out to you and everybody else as they hope for and expect. However, not everyone would be lucky to have a good manager.

    By good i mean an individual with an average level of sensibility to prioritize goals of the organization before his/her own. Meaning most of our managers (at least the ones i have worked for) think about their solo goals and aims.

    Logically if a regular employee developed and achieved it's beneficial for all parties, the employee, the manager & the department. Unfortunately there is a lot of administrative corruption going in local organizations.

    I once believed it might be really easy to fight it. But you know what really breaks you down, the loyalty of fellow managers/heads/directors to step upon the regular employees who are merely working hard to prove that they exist!

  8. Shaima Al Sayed says:

    This is an amazing way of displaying things in the corporate world, and i think if the new generation of Emaratis comprehend this and put it into practice it will not help their own careers, but will help in the economic growth of the country. This article put in an amzingly sophisticated point of view in the most simplest of terms. Well done bro! *applauds*

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