4 thoughts on “3 Alternative Strategies for Disciplining Young Children

  1. wafa says:

    Thank you for all great strategies, I really need it

  2. i am glad Wafa , that it really met your needs

  3. Shaima Al Sayed says:

    Thats a lovely piece Ayesha. Since I spend alot of time with my 3 yr old nephew, I do the same. If he does anything wrong, I speak to him and ask him … What have you done? Do you think this is good? .. As you said .. they are more receptive to decision-making and involvement. I hope more parents learn from this Article and implement.

  4. Ayesha - Gladiius Ayesha - Gladiius says:

    that's so rationale Shaima ,,
    I hope all parents build a solid reationship with their children that will help them master a perfect Discipline strategy afterwards ..

    Thanks for your comment

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