2 thoughts on “Dealing with Demons in the Office

  1. Hamad says:

    What happens when the demons are at home, in your family.. and you have to deal with the negativity on a daily basis?

    You can always quit your job and find another one.. your family – you can’t really quit.


  2. Fatma Al Khaja says:

    Demons at home should be better managable than the office. Open communication is always the key. If there tends to be some sort of negativity at home then you should negate that. Talk to that person, change your environment. Create for yourself a zen area at home where it will be YOUR area and no one can alter it.

    You can choose your work, but you cannot choose your family. There is always a root to negative energy, find out what it is and try to solve it.

    We'll be more than happy to help out if you need more insights and how to approach it.

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