4 thoughts on “Finding the Balance Between Being Nice & Being Strict in the Workplace

  1. @ALANOUD_auh says:

    “You can’t be too nice, & you cant be too strict. There should be some balance in between” @fay_alkhaja
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  2. natureanimal says:

    Okay, I can take one whole day discussing this matter from my experience, so my comment is kinda long I hope it doesn't get boring to the reader. (The reply will be splitted into several comments)

    I think everything starts from day one, In general, all managers must try to come up with their own set of rules, policies, processes for their department as they step into office in their first week or 2 or a month Max. By Having a group meeting he/she must explain in detail how he/she wants the department to be run in all areas (attendance, administration, changes, projects, processes etc).

    The manager can also consider distrubuting presentation slides to all employees during the meetings and later on sticking the policies and processes to a wall in the department where it can be visible to everyone, I know it sounds kinda stupid but then this will only show how determined the manager is and how much he/she believes in what should be done. Also upload all documents in some kind of online portal where everyone can have access to it and communicate that to all employees once a month, so that they don't come to you saying they did not know that an online portal even existed haha)

  3. natureanimal says:

    During this meeting, as per what this article speaks of, message signals of balancing between strictness and flexibility should be sent to the employees brains (either by having a strong tone or by throwing good face expressions or mixing both together, which ever makes the manager more comfortable).

    The manager must also consider giving himself/herself a span of a couple of months to see how effectively the changes are being following by the employees. 1 to 2 months for things like attendance and admin and other minor things, and 3 to 6 months for other policies and processes that takes a more gradual approach for it to be followed and can only be 80 to 90% followed by employees after a minimum of 6 months or so. if there are improvements then that is a good sign and he should wait and see how much more it'll improve in a year or so. And it is also extremely important to have a monthly meeting with the core team members to discuss the same.

    (please note: Monthly meetings and NOT weekly meetings to discuss the matters, weekly meetings will only make things worse and it will show how impatient the manager is and then everything will fall out of hand).

  4. natureanimal says:

    Incase let us say the manager didn't find any improvements during the first 2 to 3 months then that is when the manager should be taking the Temporary 'HITLER' approach which is basically 'MY way or the HIGH way'. And believe me, there is no harm or guilt in doing that if you have already clarrified how you want the department to be managed with a cristal clear comunication plan from day one. Keeping everything into consideration, the manager should always be alert on one thing, Avoiding (Hot Temperness and shouting) as much as possible and the best is to avoid it entirely.

    This way I guarentee that things can go smoothly with the help of Allah.

    To conclude, well I don't know about others, but personally I would choose this approach and at the same time ATTawakul on Allah, is the only way to go about it (while giving it your best ofcourse)


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