5 thoughts on “Child Abuse By The Help

  1. fay_alkhaja says:

    I loved you article. It's a very sensitive subject that needs to be tackled always. Its a shame that today we live in a society where a child recognize the maid more than her/his own mother. Of course, you will get many excuses of why a mother leaves a child with a maid (its either that they're working long hours, have their own business, or simply enjoying a certain lifestyle that they're used to).

    There are so many factors that are involved, that one cannot know where to start to fix it.

  2. So true my dear , unfortunately some mothers have the honor to be called mom but they don't deserve it ..

  3. femi says:

    yes very sensitive subject should be taclkled seriously

  4. Nadine says:

    Thank you for talking about this issue which although sensitive must be spoken about to tackle the issue. Unfortunately the perpetrators of abuse know that in more cases than not, the child victim will not speak out. Hence the crime is often undetected. Children have to be educated at a young age and told where the "danger zones" are ( body parts no one is allowed to touch) and that the profile of an abuser is often a person they know and see regularly.

    When I have visited the UAE, sadly I have noticed quite frequently that maids sit and feed young children, push the buggy etc whilst the mother although there is doing her own thing. Having children myself , I know that those actions are one of the biggest bonding activities that a mother has with her child. A child wants the mother to push the buggy and apart from seeing the world around them, they desire to be staring back at their mothers reassuring and intimate face. A child wants to be fed by its mothers hands. The expressions of compassion and love that a mother shows to a child no one else can mimic or replace! I actually felt quite concerned for those children. No doubt parents love their children but I believe its really important that during those formative years, when you have the opportunity to spend time with your children, you do all the bonding activities and not delegate that role to others.

  5. So true Nadine ,, you highlighted very crucial areas ,, I really wish that mothers do their part in spending some valuable time with their children .. sadly those neglected children wont appreciate their parents presence when they are grown up , it will be too late ..

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