3 thoughts on “My Technology Fast

  1. fay says:

    Truly spoken. I agree completely with you, that's why I get my off days sometimes during the week. A month might be hard to go without the essentials sometimes, but you can decide to switch off your phone or hide it during the weekend in order for you to experience new things and just chill.

    That was a good read. Thanks.

  2. Shaima says:

    I have come to the conclusion that the internet is now an important part of our lives. Whether we like it or not, we shouldnt always wonder what its like to resist it. This is how our era is developing, just like how our grandfathers era saw radios and TV, and their parents would compare them to their old days! etc etc
    That said, i totally agree that people should revise their lifestyles and take some time off to enjoy the world offline. We get so engrossed with work, Social media and our daily errands with the family, then totally forget that there is world out there that is beautiful and neglected.
    Great article.

  3. balyousuf balyousuf says:

    it baffles me how a grown person cant stick to his/her decision to not check their phone every 2 seconds during a family gathering or an outing (im talking about myself of course).

    I eventually decided that if I was with people I would leave the phone in my handbag or keep it away from me to avoid using it, I promised I would not hold it in my hand like it was surgically sown to it. So far its been working well and I suddenly have more time to gossip !!

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