8 thoughts on “3arabeezy, a Mixture of Arabic & English

  1. sapej says:

    Well said!

  2. fay says:

    You're article is spot on. We should worry about the younger generation. I thi k a lot of people are realising it too. Now, even the schools, universities and government entities are focusing on the Arabic language, This is our mother togue. One should not treat it with importance.

  3. Shaima says:

    yep! one thing im guilty of and try to stop myself from doing. It has become a default habit which i find embarrasing at times. That said, for me, its not a show off thing, as most people think as well. Its just a bad habit that needs to be kicked as it affects the sustainability of your grammer.

  4. alanoudm says:

    I resisted the temptation to respond in "3arabeezy" as you called it.
    I like how you associated the use of such form of writing with identity and language.
    Some may easily argue that writing in 3arabeezy is still in Arabic, it is just the form of writing Arabic.
    However, I personally believe that the reason why mostly write in this way is because it gives a perfect segway to shift to writing in English instead, which reflects the way many of us speak.

    I don't believe the Arabic language will be lost, but I agree with the fact that it is part of our identity and it is our resposibility to express in such language -at least in our accent/dialect.
    Thankss for the great read

  5. wonderful piece and indeed a phenomenon witnessed by myself as well as all around me .. I agree with you entirely on all accounts especially the part of building a strong foundation. The language of the Quran is one that is indeed powerful and was used historically by other nations as well since it was revered and had value as was portrayed by its speakers.

    However, I disagree that the reason we choose to converse in "3arabeezee" is because its "cool and trendy". i believe the reasons we choose to converse that way are multifactorial.

    First, its an incentives game. Everything around us including forms of wordly success are very much dependent on the English language. Hence, English is incentivized to be used by all since it yields rewards.

    Second, the speakers of the language have not caught up with the rest of the world in creativity as well as ingenuity to make the language stand out and be the language of choice for our youth as well as adults. There is now a lot of progress in the field.

    and many many more

    thanks for a great read !

  6. @3thbah1 says:

    “3arabeezy: http://t.co/ymqgBPdmjI by: @OmarBinM7md”. Thoughtful!

  7. Omar says:

    Alanoud:Thank you. I agree with you, as to how the way we write is a reflection of how we now speak, but coming from a 15 year old, more and more people from my generation and age group sleep in or skip Arabic class because they deem it unnecessary, and in their opinions, it is boring and uncool.

    Mohammed: Thanks a lot. I agree with you as well, this is a very diverse topic. But once again, my statements in my article were based on the people around me, teenagers.

    Thank you all for your support!!

  8. Marina says:

    Reading your thoughts has reminded me of a couple of recent articles in the newspaper:

    The evolution of language is fascinating, and is a phenomena world-wide. Languages become extinct, morph and absorb others all the time. Is this something that should be avoided or accepted? Is it something that CAN be stopped??
    I believe language is, as you say, a way to show pride in your culture but I am also mindful of the dynamic nature of language – it is always changing….every language does.

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