5 thoughts on “Discussing Employee Misbehavior: Too Relaxed? Or Careless?

  1. A zombie says:

    There's something called pointlessness , when any employee reach a certain point in their careers where nothing is improving or will ever change / improve , where everything is beyond their control, where they're just robots and their input doesn't mean anything, where they lack zero authority…even if they once had the "hottest blood" if so to speak & really cared at some point, there will come a time when they in plain and simple terms GIVE UP & treat each day like (whatever) because when you come to think of it they lost their purpose & they're 'tolerating' work like pure zombies. I believe each behavior must always have a reason or several of them, it doesn't mean the zombies are careless or not hardworking than you are, it just means you're still happy or able to survive & still see a point in doing the things you do, but they unfortunately do not anymore :)

  2. fay_alkhaja says:

    Interesting way of describing it. There could be some truth in it :)

  3. alanoudm says:

    Interesting, Fatma. Very intriguing too. I believe there are several ways to make a person feel responsible for their work besides the fact that they must be accountable for the results of their tasks.
    In my opinion, the clarity of the task itself needs to be conveyed, its importance, its priority, and more importantly, its deadline. I believe we're very creative in making up justifications & excuses not to get something done. It's natural. Perhaps the secret to avoid that is not to allow ourselves the time to think in such a way; hence, the clarity of the task point.
    Also, motivation would be helpful, and in many cases, it is expected. The lack of it may lead to a slack-off. I'm not saying this is essentual, but it's always good to have.
    I read once that it would be very difficult for a person to take their task less seriously if they were told how abundantly important their input would be.

    Thank you for making this article so engaging. Wish you all the best.

  4. hahah something we face all the time ,,, from submitting Sail articles all the way to managing employees

    its an ongoing challenge ,,, a balance between micro and macro management

    good cop bad cop ,,, thats been the most useful for me

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