4 thoughts on “Do People Change?

  1. Mohammed Kazim Mohammed Kazim says:

    minimal requirement indeed. such wisdom mashala ,, enjoyable and beneficial read

  2. Shaima says:

    In my opinion, people do change. i like how you stressed on the fact that we dont act, but merely react to the situations that happen to us. That said though, it then becomes a learning lesson to some of us, and therefore teach us to eventually act differently in the long run.
    I am blessed with parents who taught me so much and molded me into the woman i am today. Sometimes i observe how people act in the basic ways and realise they simply dont have manners. People should reflect within themselves and analyse their behaviours, thoughts and strategies every now and then. Change is important. So are mistakes. let that guide to a become a better version of yourself.
    Thanks for bringing this up moose :)

  3. Edmond Redd says:

    Do people change?
    A short answer would be definitely yes.
    The only constant in nature is change.
    No, not nature, Earth. The Universe itself is in a constant change. We are part of the Universe. We do change.
    We change physically, we age, and that's a 'no way out'. Do we mature?
    We change mentally.
    How many of us caught themselves saying "Things were different before"?
    Note, I'm not specifying better, or worst- but that will come up a tad later.
    We change friends, acquaintances, schools, colleges, societies, workplaces.. we change countries and sometime we do change lives.
    Bad Things happen to everyone, you said. Let me rephrase it: things happen to everyone.
    Bad or good, that's again a different story
    Things happen to everyone. We call it experience.
    And when they do, we 'gain experience, we acquire knowledge'
    It's what we do of it that really matters.
    "We don't act, we react."
    Yes in a way.
    But how many of us don't even react?
    How many would rather stay in their comfort zone, and would not embrace change?
    How many would stay in their "bubble", having the same beliefs, refusing to question the status quo.
    But how many accept the change, deal with it, learn from it and evolve?
    This is , in my opinion, what makes the difference. This what makes us unique, and diverse.

    How many times we fell in love, had a broken heart, fell in love again, and had another broken heart experience?
    And still, we do love, passionately. Every. Single. Time.

    Change is the drive, love is the fuel.
    Change is not bad.
    Change is not good.
    Change is simply Change.

    And to finish on a similar note from the same Ralph Waldo Emerson too : "All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better."

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