One thought on “Maintaining Prosperity Through Cooperation

  1. Nasser says:

    Great article, and you brought up interesting issues that never really crossed my mind. The evolution of our society today has become a lot more diverse and open to various cultures and ethnicity. As you mentioned, some Emaratis see it both an opportunity to learn from others and also rather threatening to their own culture.
    However, my question is whether the threat can be resolved from within society? As an example, the respectful clothing campaign in malls that was active a few years back. Do people have to change their thought themselves and surrender a bit of sovereignty in order to be more open to other societies? or can we stick strictly to our own culture and values without changing it. Furthermore, you mentioned in your article "Since there isn’t any formal direct taxation or permanent residence". Firstly, if UAE had a taxation system, something almost like the "Jizeya" which the Muslim nation had, would the UAE be able to sustain its own economy without the aid of Expatriates? In addition, can you please elaborate one what you meant by "Permanent residence", what defines it?

    All in all, great work. I admire your enthusiasm and link to the past. There is so much we are doing to help develop our nation in a globalized world today, and so much more we can do. Great work, keep it up! Thank you

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