10 thoughts on “The Medical Praying Mat: @Timez5

  1. This type of medical routine is great to help our daily lives.

  2. tom says:

    Life means many things, but besides taking care of your family, home and working, you should take care of you. Anyone, especially if she is a woman must have a beauty routine.

  3. Praying mat solve many of problems like spiritual and psychically too. This is a best way to make our soul and body both perfect. By offering prayer we can make our God happy as well as our body. We can get rid of So many pains by adopting this lifestyles.

  4. According to a study done by Timez5, knee replacement surgery is one of the most common surgeries in this region, its ratio is actually higher than the rest of the world where hip surgery is more common. So keep praying to God!

  5. essaygeek says:

    Studies show the last few generations have more health related issues than the generations before, this is due to the number of hours employees spend on their desks, the lack of movement by students who are always under pressure from school, and the introduction of video games that stopped children from playing outside. So pray as much as you can.

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