6 thoughts on “Without Roots, We Cannot Grow

  1. AbbayReloso says:

    I do believe the author, if a nation is ignorant of it's culture and tradition, it will create a division among communities, or worse among family members. It is the local government responsibility to promote their native language in daily conversation and writings, but they should also be open to the world about learning other things.

  2. Bahar Bahar says:

    I agree, we should promote our language/culture and remain open to learning new cultures. We can only learn and grow from the diversity we have in the UAE. Thank you for your feedback.

  3. GeneralZod says:

    The Local population is too small to sustain the arabic language. Therefore there are only two solutions to safe keep the language.1) Arabic must be a compulsory subject Language to be learned and taught in ALL Schools (Private and Non) from Kindergarden onwards.
    2) The Expat population needs to be Majority Arab. At least 65% Arab. If the Arab population in the country is higher, promoting the language will be easier in the work place and in communities…
    The Author needs to do more research and offer solutions like the two points I have mentioned otherwise its just another article about the Arabic language without a base which we see daily in newspapers.

  4. Bahar Bahar says:

    I totally agree with your first solution and this was also suggested in my article. My focus was also on sharing our culture/traditions, as there seems to be a lack of exchange in this regard. I believe creating awareness is just as important, which is what I hoped to do here. Thank you for your feedback.

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