One thought on “Can’t Love You Without A Social Media Status Update

  1. saeedalmehairi says:

    I agree with you. However, I wish you would have also mentioned the societal trends factor, and media impact rather than just corporate greed.

    Many of these so called "celebrations" (ie: valentines day) is in no way linked to the UAE culture. However, growing up in an international community (Pre-school all the way to University), in Dubai i personally as a young adult have felt compelled to participate in these activities although they had nothing to do with my upbringing, religion or cultural background solely for the fact of peer pressure and the desire to fit in, obviously many years later i now know better.

    It is up to us to educate new generations in ways like this article to not succumb to negative impacts of popular culture and nonsense corporational trends made highly accessible to the young generations sadly through new media.

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