9 thoughts on “In Memory of Mohammad Ali Zainal, The “King of Pearl”

  1. Imamodin Nensey says:

    The article on Mohamed Ali Zainal was encouraging but to concise.He was the most kindest & charitable y person.I was lucky to have known him,

  2. Zainal E. Alireza says:

    thank you Salman

  3. Zainal E. Alireza says:

    My father's uncle . I and the rest of the Zainal Alireza family owe him alot.May he rest in peace.

  4. Khalid Nasim Doula says:

    Thank you Salman for this nice article about my grandfather. He was a great and inspiring person. I am unlucky that he passed away before I come into life. I pray that he rest in peace and Allah has his mercy on him.

  5. FMB says:

    My great great grandfather's cousin. Him and my great great grandfather were both in Paris.

  6. Mariam says:

    A philanthropist par excellence the Arab world has ever seen. Words cannot describe the lovely, and humble human being he was to the down trodden.

    May Allah bless his soul.

  7. Mariam says:

    Express my gratitude to Salman for this article on my late Dad.

  8. au edusson says:

    He was the one great person that history is never able to forget when you are concern about it. I have read many books that are being about his great person to know more.

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