MindfulnessJuly 18, 2019

Connecting Youth to Nature, Naturally

  Have you ever wondered how you can be part of something bigger? Here we explore the importance

CultureJuly 16, 2019

Life Abroad, Demystified

  Do we do ourselves a disservice by sticking with groups that look like us when studying abroad?

FamilyJuly 10, 2019

Where Does Gender Equality Begin?

Women have made great strides in the workforce, breaking barriers and fighting for their rights, but why are

PsychologyJuly 8, 2019

Table For One, Please

  When was the last time you had your alone time? Is your schedule filled with obligations and

RelationshipsJune 27, 2019

The Parent-Children Generational Gap: What We Text and What We Really Mean

  A sociolinguistic perspective on the style differences between the older and younger generations when it comes to texting. As a language student and a self-proclaimed linguist, I have grown accustomed to routinely analyzing our daily discourse and the way we perceive it. Since texting is the primary source of online communication today, my classmates

EducationJune 25, 2019

The Race for Our Children to Grow Up

  Looking at how the changing social and technological advances are putting pressure on children to grow up at a faster pace. Many of the economically successful countries around the world, such as the UK, USA, Germany, and now the UAE as well, have had to constantly evolve in order to keep up with all

BusinessJune 23, 2019

Is Having Fewer Choices A Better Idea to Increase Sales?

In a world where shopping happens from the comfort of your sofa, websites and apps are often loaded with too many choices believing that the more the merrier. However, research and previous experiments might say otherwise. How often have you browsed through multiple movies and series on Netflix and then ended up watching nothing? How

FoodJune 19, 2019

5 Middle Eastern Spices That Promote Your Wellbeing

  Middle Eastern spices don’t only enhance the taste of your dishes, but also promote your wellbeing. Middle

ArtJune 17, 2019

Irthi (@IrthiCrafts) Bringing to Light Talli and its Artisans

  Exploring the making of Talli – an Emirati traditional craft- and Bidwa, the social development programme under Irthi Crafts Council. In a wide grey room at the Bidwa Center in Dibba Al-Hisn, Sharjah, the one recurring sound I heard was the clashing of wooden and plastic bobbins. This room is filled with middle-aged to

EntrepreneurJune 12, 2019

6 Ways to Use Your Failure As Motivation

  My first business failed, but guess what? That’s okay. Failure only becomes fatal when you stop trying. My experiences trying to establish myself as a successful entrepreneur made me realize that failure should not stop a person from pursuing what sets their soul on fire. When I was 15 years old, I started a