7 thoughts on “The Importance of Career Fairs for Employers and Employee

  1. That decision, I agree we take blindly. Sometimes it works and other times not. To think about it more we shouldn't settle for what works, we are better off striving for what ignites the fire of inspiration, motivation and work magic. The need to connect to your inner voice and bring it to speak wonders comes from doing the right things right…. Aimlessly throwing CVs in career circuits is for sure not the right thing…. aim!

  2. Khalid Al Ameri Khalid Al Ameri says:

    Thanks for the feedback sister! … love your insight and inshAllah more people start listening to their inner voice and following their dreams.

  3. Avatar alanoudm says:

    I couldn’t agree more.
    I advocate the idea of having on-the-spot interviews. I heard a couple of companies do that. The effect of this can be fruitful for both parties (job seeker and employer).
    The company needn’t take the career fair as a mere opportunity to promote themselves, and job seekers –as you said- should take more responsibility in the job-seeking (or rather career-seeking) process.
    Please allow me to add to your valuable insights.
    Taking fresh grads as a point, whenever there’s a career fair, I believe universities should also take a stand; by guiding the students career-wise and directing them to the companies that best suit their majors of study.

    It would also be wonderful to have all universities organize their own career fairs; I know a few already do. This will not only benefit the companies in increasing the chances of attracting young blood , but the fairs play a role in exposing students to the companies in the country and increasing the awareness on the demands of the market, as well as assisting in bettering their career choices.
    These are thoughts that popped up out of reading your great article.
    Thanks for sharing. Keep it up, brother.

  4. Khalid Al Ameri Khalid Al Ameri says:

    Many thanks for the feedback and awesome thoughts on how to promote the process. I agree 110% on Universities leading the process, guiding their students and most importantly promoting thought within each of their students to think about what they really want to do in their life. Imagine, as you proposed, a University having a career fair and one of the students is checking out a stand, along comes a professor or the career counsellor to observe and ask the student why they are curious about the company, then post career fair the professors and counsellor could offer feedback and guidance to the students. There are so many critical milestones up to when an individual jumps into a job or career e.g. School, University and it is critical that each milestone is used so a person finds what they love to do earlier in life rather than later. Thanks for the words of support sister, it means alot. All the best,

  5. mohammed kazim mohammed kazim says:

    Spot on Khalid! Wonderful piece and I wish also that career fairs become more useful. As you mentioned, this will only happen when companies take it more seriously and when applicants also think about it more deeply

  6. Khalid Al Ameri Khalid Al Ameri says:

    Thanks for the amazing feedback brother, it means a lot. InshAllah we will start to see the changes in the future and really getting absolute value from the fairs.

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