Some Things Just Don’t Matter As We Grow Up

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Article in brief: reflects on how our priorities change in every stage of our lives.

Artwork by Hayat AlHassan (@HayatAlH)
Artwork by Hayat AlHassan (@HayatAlH)

As you grow up and you enter new chapters in your life, you come across various challenges. The question is, are you ready to face them? And what really matters?

My chapters included graduating from school, then university, post-graduate studies, work, marriage, and motherhood. As I experienced each phase, I also realized that what was important in one chapter was not so important in the other.

For example, I realized that certain incidents that used to upset me when I was a student did not affect me when I started working. Later on, when I got married, things that used to drive me crazy at work did not bother me anymore.

Did my perspective change? Or some things just didn’t matter anymore?

I was facing new challenges at work last year. The workload increased and so did the stress; the job became demanding. As a result, I was struggling to keep my calm at days and was too tired to do anything when I got back home.

As I tried to get through work, I found out I was expecting a baby. I was surprised that within 48 hours, my whole perspective changed again. Things that used to annoy me at work didn’t matter anymore. I went through everything I was struggling with in a calm manner and got it done on time. I wondered about this new feeling. Why was I feeling calmer now? Was my health more important than work? I was totally switched off and was taking it really easy.

My calmness even flowed to my team; they actually asked me if something was wrong? All I answered was that I have other priorities now. My work was still important and I got it done. However, I just couldn’t focus on other things anymore. Every step I took, every decision I made, and every outing I planned was all revolved around my baby’s health.

At work, I kept wondering how easy it was to just switch off in a short span of time. Rather than letting things get to us, we should learn that there are always ways to get over the madness. I learned that once you have something new to focus on, then old problems shouldn’t be an issue anymore. The problem will not resolve by itself, but at least you have mastered ways in controlling your emotions.

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