2 thoughts on “Studying Abroad: The Challenges of a Traveling Student

  1. Avatar Gee says:

    I relate to this article a lot. I have recently got back from a 2-month internship abroad, and I can say that it really made me realize the importance of always having a positive outlook. I was also faced with loneliness, pressure, and self doubt. I had to live with a roommate I barely know and it was a battle with my introverted nature, so I pushed myself out of my bubble and embraced all the changes, whether good or bad. If you live a life without a struggle, you are not living at all.

  2. Avatar Kay says:

    I am glad that you were able to move past the challenges you faced and embraced the changes that came your way. I hope this trip was helpful and insightful to you ! Thank you for your comment, Gee.

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