3 thoughts on “Book Review on Shirley Jackson’s We Have Always Lived in The Castle

  1. Isaac Russell says:

    The real joy of this read is your constant trying to make sense of it all, especially that all you get to see is distorted. It is more than a thriller, a thought-provoking book, where happenings are open for multiple interpretations and really just make you itch for someone to discuss it with.

  2. Jumanah says:

    The books seems really interesting!! I've never been into a goth like genre before usually just me and my crimes! But if I ever do I'll definitely try this one.
    Love the way you tied yourself to the novel it gives off credibility and your attitude makes the review even more awesome.
    Keep it up!

  3. Marwa says:

    I had my eyes on this book for a very long time but I knew deep down I won't end up buying it due to my lack of interest in the classic genre and also the cove gave me an eerie feeling. But after reading this review, I went running to my laptop. I really like how gothic fiction was described and lemme tell you, I'M INTRIGUED! I really want to meet this Mary and learn more about the story.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, it really helped me get over the cover. Keep up the good work!

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